Where to go in September

If you ask an ordinary office worker about when he wants to go on vacation, then many will have a clear and banal answer – summer. It is not strange, it is the best time to rest. But what to do if vacation gets in September. Well, or just fell a couple of free days, and I want to relax.

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Where to spend your free time

September, though not the warmer month of the year, but the weather during this period is still very good (of course, if it does not charge the rain lasting for several days), which means you do not need to sit at home. It is better to look for suitable options in order to greatly relax in a funny company.

There is a couple of banal, but this is no less interesting options where you can go to the first autumn month:

&# 8211; To the country – I want to immediately note that it is not to dig potatoes on the garden, namely, to relax in the circle of friends, spend weekends away from &# 8211; civilization;

&# 8211; Mushrooms – real mushrooms will understand, because in September, mushrooms in the forest are a lot, especially after a protracted rain;

&# 8211; Fishing – Of course, you can ride on fishing at any time of the year, but many exactly this month fishing brings more pleasure;

&# 8211; On kebabs is a universal way to relax in a good company, and in September the weather contributes to a good mood and excellent atmosphere.

On vacation to the Black Sea

Where to go in September

There are a large number of countries where heat is almost all year round, but not everyone can afford to go on an expensive abroad resort. However, in the beginning of autumn, you can sow on warm beaches on Black Sea.

Of course, no longer warm, as in July, but still the Sun in Sochi or on the shores of the Crimea there are quite a lot. Water is a bit cool, but the temperature of many quite arranges at this time of year.

From the explicit advantages can be noted Void on beaches and affordable prices, who after the summer are significantly falling. Also much reduces the likelihood of obtaining sunshine and skin burns.

Trip to Europe

Not everyone wants to go to the sea at the first autumn month, But this does not mean that you need to see all holidays at home. You can choose an interesting tour of several cities in Europe and go on a trip.

Eastern European countries are perfect, for example, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and others. The climate is moderate, so walking the old streets of conditional Krakow or Warsaw will be very nice. The weather is warm, but the sun does not frit at this time of the year.

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