Where to go in March for holidays?

What are you planning to do on holiday weekends? We found out where our users fly, and believe that they made a good choice! Take an example, there are still tickets, and why go there, tell below.


In trips abroad, stability is traced: in the top of the directions lead Prague and Paris. Classic always in fashion!

We already have an article on the topic, what to do in Paris a couple of days. If desired, all this can be stretched for three to four days, then there will be less runner and more time on relax.

Tickets to Paris Town-back from 12 794 USD

V Prague We recommend walking up to the monument to zapolism, see the Cathedral of St. Vita inside and outside, make a desire on the Karlovy Bridge and rent an apartment in the house with turrets somewhere in the center. Also in early March, Easter fairs begin, you are waiting for delicious sausages, potato spirals and all kinds of desserts. In general, do not go around the street food – it is inexpensive and tasty.

And in the Museum of Contemporary Art Illusion On the Old Town Square there are cool installations and all sorts of illusions are worked cool. Photos will be cool!

Tickets to Prague back-back from 11 982 USD


But the directions within Russia were divided. Someone flies for holidays in Krasnodar and Kaliningrad . About these cities we also have a guide!

Others fly B Sochi . Otherwise, as a ski, because until May 15, Aeroflot carries your ski equipment for free. In general, the weather here is still quite capricious, although +10 degrees. But we recommend dressed up with warmer, and somehow protect against wind, if you plan long walks.

In Sochi, do not go to walk around the city, all the beauty is here in the mountains and national parks. Krasnaya Polyana, Gorki City, Big Sochi Arboretum, Olympic Park – good plan for a few days. Aer of fresh air!

Tickets in Sochi Router back from 4 230 USD

Also in the top Simferopol , But we understand with you that in fact they all go to the sea – in Sevastopol, Yalta or Evpatoria. The sea is still cold, do not buy, but without this you can spend good time. In Sevastopol, it is necessary to see: Cape Fiolent, monument to flooded ships, county marina, Ecopark Lukomorier, Water Park and Dolphinarium.

Where to go in March for holidays

Tickets to Simferopol TUU-back from 5 977 USD

Mineral waters are also in demand, and not in vain. From the city Tourists travel around to Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Essentuki. And there is already near Elbrus and Dombai incredible beauty!

Mineral waters Tickets back from 3 830 USD


Also in the top of the destinations among ours for holidays in March. And it’s not by chance, because Yerevan is considered the most stylish city of Transcaucasia: here bright houses, everywhere aroma of coffee and brandy. Immediately near the Tatev Monastery and the longest passenger cable car "Wings Tatev": 300 meters of emptiness under the legs, mountains, hills and clouds.

And here there is no sea, but there is Lake Sevan. It is characteristic and waves like in the sea. If you want to look at the city of the city, take a memorial complex of Citrnakaberd.

Tickets to Yerevan Tuuda – back from 7 914 USD

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