Where to go in loved on February 14?

So, in 2020, Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, which means that taking a couple of days, you can arrange a real romantic mini-journey. In this article, we will tell where to go to not far and left in mind to old age.

To begin with, we understand which romantic things cause attacks of happiness. Sunset, Cozy establishments, Sea coast, mountain view, good view for joint photos, Old Town or beautiful castle. Let’s focus on this and choose directions. In addition, in many countries, this day is celebrated with a scope, so the beautiful decoration of the institutions is guaranteed. Asia, I do not take into account, because you fly to far there, and we have about 3-5 days (a couple of arrows, hello!).


In the beliefs, Italy is home to that very St. Valentine. February 14 On the streets you can find an incredible number of girls with red roses – this flower is the most popular at this time.

Where to go? Simple simple. If you are closer to the spirit of the sunset sea and noise of waves, then go to the south of Italy. Genoa, Spice, Riomaggore, Formia, Naples, Sorrento, Vesuviy Volcano, Bari, Positano, Salerno and Next along the coast – Magic places! You can safely go to any coastal city, with the species just do not make mistakes. Bless, of course, is still too early, but sit on the beach in light jackets with a bottle of wine you can make sure. And still take a column with you, turn on the music and a bit dance in the hug.

If you have already seen the sea, then there are two more bright directions: Venice and Dolomite Alps. Channels, Gondolas, carnival masks, Dark alleys – There is something romantic in it. But in the mountains in general it is difficult to restrain emotions. Dolomite Alps the most unusual mountains in Europe and color, and in form. See them from a helicopter – incredible pleasure. And if you also sit next to your beloved person at this moment, imagine what happiness?


So in fact in transylvania romantic because a little scary. Agree, it’s nice to go to terrible excursions on the castle of Count Dracula, clinging to each other by barrels. You can order a tour with an excursion, it will take almost all day, and you can go on your own and examine the castle without outsiders. But excursions in such places are not boring, because it is always interesting stories, especially if we are talking about such a mysterious character!


Budapest walk-not flush! On the agenda, a joint campaign in the bathing, beautiful pictures in bathing suits, an independent rise to the Citadel to look at the panorama of the city, you can still look into the royal palace and wander among the stone walls, chewing the stern. And at sunset it is pleasant to be at the parliament building, in the light of the rays of the outgoing sun, it looks as magnificent as possible. Be sure to walk around the city in the dark time to see how city sights are highlighted.

Where to go in loved on February 14


In February, Cyprus is about +16 degrees, which means that it will be warm and comfortable. Take a car rental at once, preferably with an open horse, to ride with the breeze all over the island! It is not necessary to even book the hotel in advance, there are so much there, so that you can settle almost in any of the island study on your way.


We will not talk about Paris, with him and so everything is clear – in love with couples there are more than pigeons in Venice, so we recommend to leave the study of the city at another time. Instead of the traditional tower, croissants and cabaret Go to see French locks. There are so many of them that let’s get up with the account, but all unimaginably beautiful. What is the castle of Mon-Saint-Michel in Normandy! And go not far – the road will take two or three hours.

And the castles of the Loire Valley ships the head so that you have to make a loved one in my hands. To more convenient to explore the castles of this valley, go to the city of Tour. But in general, it is only a small part, they are scattered across the country. If you have already planned a specific place to travel, look, is there any castle nearby. Oh, probably there!

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Where to go in loved on February 14

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