Where to go in Finland in the summer?

Start follows from the capital of the city of Helsinki, especially if you have never been there. I advise you to allocate not alone, but two or three days to this city, since in one day it is impossible to get around all the places and fully enjoy the atmosphere of this charming city.

Attractions Finland

There are unusual sights for every taste. If you love the story and want to look at beautiful holy places, boldly go to the mountain Theppeliaukio to visit the old church. This place has a stunning atmosphere, the look and form of the church itself is very original, so few where you can meet at all.

Another Cathedral is located on the Senate Square – it is already a later construction, but it strikes with its sizes. Already seeing it from afar, you can feel the greatness of his greatness.

In Helsinki, there are some more picturesque places where it is worth looking. Learn to the viewing area to the Assumption Cathedral, enjoy the beautiful panorama of Finland’s capital. Go to the chapel of silence Camppy to appreciate the modern vision of religious architecture.

What to see in Helsinki, transport prices

To see the city, take a ticket on a circular tram №2 / 3. If you plan to actively use the transport, then it will take a ticket much more economically for several days, than to buy every time. So, a ticket for 1 day per adult will cost 9 euros, for 3 days – 18 euros.

Prices for food in Finland quite high. So, a good dinner can do in 40-50 euros. Therefore, it is better to immediately check where you can eat at lowest prices.

Here are my recommendations:

    • For quick snack – Unicafe YLIOPPILASAUKIO establishment near the station. Good dinner can be taken for 8 euros, good discounts to students.
    • Buffet Cafe Golden Rax Pizzabuffet. You can eat tightly by 10 euros. Reminds national cuisine.
Where to go in Finland in the summer
  • SFC – cheaper place and good food for your money in the area of ​​the station Do not find. Homemade food, but there is both fast food, which will cost $ 8-9.
  • Eerikin Pippuri is a network of establishments throughout Finland, which make Kebab. The staff is well dominated by the our language, and the taste varies depending on the recipe.

To save, you can take rooms in hostels or settled in 1-2 star hotels. There is the average price of the room is 54 dollars.

Water transport works very well. In just 15 minutes of traveling on the ferry, you can get to the fortress of Suomenlinna, who first was Swedish, then the our, and then became Finnish. Inside there are six museums that are available for visiting.

Highlight another day for the open-air museum on the island of Seurasaari. Despite the fact that it is an island, you don’t have to get on the ferry, because there is a pedestrian bridge. This is a great place with farms, the beach and beautiful views of the picnic or just family gatherings.

There are plenty of islands around Helsinki, and everything is possible to see them, going to the maritime excursion by archipelago.

National Parks and Recreation Places

If you want to travel on land yourself, then do not go around the stunning Finnish nature. Look at the Nuuxio National Park or Haltya Natural Center. There are information centers, recreation sites and even marked routes, but nature itself remained untouched.

A few more sights – The Hossa Reserve in the north-west of the country and the Iscas of Isosaari, which is located on the site of the former concentration camp. You can get to these places on ferries from the capital.

In Finland, in the summer there are many different festivals, so you can get somewhere by learning about this through the announcement or the Internet. I advise everyone to visit at least one festival, because the Finns are resting as few people rest at all.


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