Where to go in 2019: Koya San in Japan

The first monastery, founded by the monk Kukay, in 816, still remains one of the main optics of spirituality in Japan. Nowadays, there are more than a hundred monasteries on the slopes of Koi, who, by conviction of believers, did not leave the spirit of the founder, remaining in eternal meditation.

  • How to choose a trip date

Date of the trip should be choosing taking into account the purpose of the trip. If you want to spend time in observations of the life of the monks, schedule the voyage for the period from April to November, so that the crowds of tourists have lowered at least on weekdays. Those who crave to attend the Aoba Festival, it is worth coming on the eve of the birthday of the birthday of the Book, June 15, to see a colorful costume procession with music and dancing.

Best time to travel

Tourists who are heard about the festival of candles, it is better to visit Koy on August 13-16, when a Buddhist ritual of honoring the memory of the past ancestors is held in most of Japan, you can get along the tours of Komodtour. According to beliefs, spirits are returned to the ground, and the candles illuminate them the path and do not allow to get lost in darkness. Tourists are invariably interested in the evening celebration, during which the "Bon Oruorder" dance is performed under the sounds of folk music, soothing spirits. Completes the Festival of the rite of "Toro Nagasi" when lanterns from paper are descended on the water, on which candles are installed. The Japanese believe that the souls point the way back to the kingdom of the dead.

Where to go in 2019 Koya San in Japan

How to get

Getting easier from Osaka. At Namba station you can buy a special ticket for both ends (the price includes travel by train, funicular and bus). Coupons are attached to it, giving the right to discounts in local shops and allow cheaper to buy entrance tickets. Gokuracubasi station is a 90-minute drive away, but thanks to excellent species, you do not have to bored. In the station building served a funicular. 5 minutes later, the rise is completed, and it comes to the last transplant, this time by the bus. He stops near all local attractions, but you will probably want to relax a little after the long road.

  • Where to stop

You can stay in Koya-San temples. 52 Of these, they take tourists in special guest premises with different levels of comfort: from home to a comfortable, albeit a modest bedroom. Stand early in order not to miss the morning prayer chants and ceremonies. Then you will be served breakfast, which is usually included in the cost of staying, like dinner. Consider the kitchen strictly vegetarian, without sharp seasoning. You will be offered tea, rice, tofu and a dish of thinly sliced ​​roots of the local plant "Connya" prepared by a special way.

  • Discounts in stores

Do not forget to take advantage of discount coupons in souvenir shops. It sells rosary, bracelets, incense, small bells and other attributes needed for Buddhist ceremonies. Unique atmosphere of tranquility and spirituality, which is saturated with every corner, along with a welcome locals will make a trip one of the most memorable in your life.

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