Where to go from Riga

Excellent if you arrived in Riga on your car or hire it. In the vicinity of Riga a lot of interesting places. It is so successfully located that the Baltic coast is very close, and the charming old towns with castles that are stored medieval spirit, and the picturesque valley of the Gauja River, where the only cable car is located in the Baltic States.

Here Five of the most interesting places, In which you can go from Riga:

  • Jurmala
  • Sigulda
  • Cesis
  • Rundale
  • Bauska

Map of the surroundings of Riga

1. Jurmala

Distance from Riga – 40 km.

Jurmala is the most famous resort of the Baltic coast, surrounding the popularity of Lithuanian Palangu and Estonian Pärnu. Jurmala was megapopular in Soviet times, and how the resort began to develop in the XIX century.

What to see and what to do

If you arrived in Jurmala in search of something unusual, for example, architectural monuments or interesting museums, die your tourist dust. Many for some reason consider Jurmala with a stuffed attractions, but, as a result, return disappointed.

These tourists are partly right, here really little is truly noteworthy.

Jurmala is not about it at all. It is not for hiking on museums and admirement by architectural masterpieces. She is for relaxes, for long walks on the sea coast with glow feeding, to search for silence and peace. Although in the midst of the season of the silence, you can hardly find here, but with a lot of probability you can swim. In Jurmala, beautiful beaches, and in distant areas from the center (Lielupe, Bulduri), you can find it.

But some attractions are in Jurmala.

Concert Hall Dzitari

The famous concert hall of Dzintari – a symbol of Jurmala, known since Soviet times. It was here for many years a song contest "New Wave".

Unprepared person awaiting too much, and there is a disappointment. Do not count the hall of Dzintari by some significant monument. In fact, he looks rather modest. The hall was built in 1936. Summer outdoor platform, on which musical festivals are held, appeared in 1960.

Street yomas

The main pedestrian street of Jurmala, on which souvenir shops, restaurants, pastry shops and cafes are located. In high season (July and August) Life goes here. Street length – about 2 km.

Stroll by yomas, sit in one of the cozy cafes and feel the relaxed atmosphere of this resort town.

Looking tower

In Jurmala there is an observation tower.

She is B Park Dzintari. Looks like a tower quite original. Climb upstairs. But the rise is possible only on the stairs, the elevator is not. In windy weather, the tower is good shakes. Yes, and if you suddenly decide to jump, climbing on the very top, the thrill will be guaranteed.

It is worth mentioning about a very beautiful wooden architecture of old Jurmala. On her streets you can meet samples of the end of the XIX-early XX centuries. – with openwork wooden carvings and modern style decor. Because of this, Jurmala is called "pearl" wooden architecture.

Back in Jurmala there is a water park and good spa hotels. But, the water park has a rather strange time of work. We never managed to visit it, since all the time got on time when it is closed.

Website Water Park: akvaparks.LV

How to get

Get to Jurmala is simple.

Even if you do not have at hand of your faithful "iron horse", you can use public transport. From Central Riga Station to Jurmala walk. The passage is worth 1-1.5 Euro. Intervals – approximately 20-30 min.

A total of 30 minutes, and you are in the center of Jurmala, on the Baltic Seaside, and are ready to enjoy the sea air, pines, cries of grooves and splash waves.

Jurmala – very extended resort. As such a station "Jurmala" no, there are several stops to exit. You need a station Majori (Majori). Nearby – the famous Yomas Street, this is the center of Jurmala

Train schedule Riga-Majori cm. here.

On a car from Riga to Jurmala can be reached in about 20 minutes.

From April 1 to September 30, the entrance to the territory of Jurmala paid (2 euros). With the rest of the time the entrance is free.

Prepare a coin in advance, as it will be necessary to lower it in the machine (give a surrender there). Capture can be paid and map. Next, get a skip and attach it to the windshield of the car.

In the absence of skipping – a fine of 50 euros.

Exact information about the entry fee Look here: Visitjurmala.LV

2. Sigulda

Distance from Riga to Sigulda – 53 km (approximately an hour ride).

Here waiting for you Some interesting places at once:

  • Turaid Museum-Reserve With an excellent medieval castle
  • Old and new castles in Sigulda
  • National Natural Park In the valley of the Gauja River with a cable car
  • The largest in the Baltic "Tarzan Park" (Tarzāns), in which there is a lot of active entertainment for children and adults

Go to Sigulda Better early in the morning to visit the Turaida Reserve, take a walk in the most beautiful places, ride on the cable car and still have time to "Tarzan Park".

What to see and what to do

Turaid National Reserve

Located 5 km from Sigulda.

He is famous for his old castle, a sad legend about the Turaid Rose and beautiful species of the Gauja River Valley. Word "Turaida " Translated from the language of the ancient livov translates as "God’s garden". And indeed it is. Places here are very beautiful – hilly, with lush vegetation.

The valley of the River Gauja – the most picturesque corner of Latvia. Especially beautiful here Golden autumn – the difference between reliefs, painted in different paints mountainous landscape in combination with medieval architecture create an indescribable atmosphere.

Turaid Castle stands on the right bank of the Gauja River.

It is built at the beginning of the XIII century.

Massive walls with narrow braces talk about defensive functions, which he performed during the centuries. The castle constantly completed, moved from hand to hand. Among his conquerors – Livonian knights, Poles, Swedes. In the XVIII century, the castle was practically destroyed by fire and restored only in XX.

On the main castle tower (it is difficult to climb there, but you must need) observation deck. The top view opens the breathtaking. Fans of spectacular photos, prepare your cameras.

If you walk along Sigulda with a guide, he will definitely tell you Legend about Turaid Rose.

This is a beautiful and very dramatic love story, a little resembling Shakespeare’s play about Romeo and Juliet – with young romantic beloved – the beautiful girl of Maya, in love with the gardener Viktor, and the villain-risk in the face of Polish Pan. The end of the story is sad – beautiful Maya dies, but evil does not remain unpunished.

If you find yourself in those places without sightseeing support, know that this Turaid Rosa existed in reality. Not far from the castle, next to a small old church, there is her grave. It almost always lies fresh flowers.

The church, next to which there is a tomb of Turaid roses – one of the oldest wooden churches of Latvia. Building time – 1750 g.

The time of operation of the Turaid Reserve:

  • daily from 10:00 to 17:00 (November-March);
  • daily from 9:00 to 20:00 (May-September);
  • Daily from 9:00 to 19:00 (October and April).

Old castle in Sigulda

Old castle is founded by knights-launders in 1207 g. In the Middle Ages it was called Zegevold.

The castle did not reach us in his original form.

Now these are the ruins with partially preserved fragments – the garment tower, fragments of powerful walls. Inside a small museum, nearby – an open concert venue for concerts and opera festivals. On the ruins of the old castle a lot of good viewpoints on Sigulda and Turaid castle. Local often come here to spend the sunset.

In addition to the old castle in Sigulda there are still New castle. Now there is a city counsel in it, and once the owners of him were our princes Kropotkin.

Zērglis cable car

Single cable car on the territory of the Baltic. It passes over the Gauja River Valley at an altitude of 43 m.

The route begins in Sigulda and ends in Crimuld.

Where to go from Riga

Total length – 1200 m. On the way you will see the Turaid castle, the picturesque hills covered with forests and the valley of the river. Will be seen and a sannel-bobslee route, where our and Latvian bobsleists train.

Module time:

  • Daily from 10:00 to 18:30 from May to October,
  • from 10:00 to 17:00 from November to April.

For Extreme Lovers, there is still such entertainment – jumping with a rubber band over Gauja right from the cable car trailer. For details here: Bungee.LV

Adventure Park Tarzāns

The largest adventure park in the Baltic States.

There is a lot of different attractions for adults and children. Obstacle Park with 11 tracks of different levels of complexity, "Tyroleskaya" Route with slopes on cables, nodded track, trash, giant swing "Tarzan".

Full list of rides, price and hours of work on the site: Tarzans.LV

How to get

A bus goes from the Riga bus station to Sigulda. Running time – about 1 hour. Ticket price – 2.50-2.70 Euro.

You can also drive by train from Riga Railway Station. Time in the way – 20 min. Ticket price – 0.91 Euro.

Bus and Trains and train timetables Look on this site: AutoSta.LV

3. Cesis

Distance from Riga – 81 km.

Cesis is located next to Sigulda, but to unite them in a day trip will not work. To inspect everyone must lay on one full day.

If you want to enjoy a medieval atmosphere and visit one of the most remarkable locks of Latvia, go there clearly. Cesis is a very charming and atmospheric town.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

What to see

Natural beauty Siguldes continue in Cesis. Through the city flows River Gauj. In winter, in the vicinity of the city you can go skiing. Here are two ski centers – Ozkalkolls and Zhaga.

Cesis, like Riga, in the Middle Ages, was part of the Hanseatic Shopping Union. Several centuries ago on its market squares were wagggoing trade and lived life.

There are two castle in Cesis – Old and new. They are both united in a single castle complex. This also includes Parks: Castle, May and Exhibition House. This is the main attraction of the city, attracting tourists here.

Castle – the largest medieval castle in the Baltic States. He appeared in the XIII in., And then around the castle the city was formed.

You can get inside as individually and with the group.

There are different excursion programs on the territory of the castle complex. You can climb the castle tower and go down to the cellars. For consuming effect, all guests are given wooden lanterns with a candle to not wander in the dark and enjoy the medieval atmosphere. Inside the new castle, the museum is now open.

Description of programs and prices, see The site of the castle complex: Cesupils.LV / RU

How to get

Buses from Riga bus station to Cesis are sent every hour. Travel time: 1 hour 45 minutes – 2 hours. Fare price: 4.15 Euro one way.

Riga Cesis’s trains (also suitable Riga Valmier and Riga-Lugazi) go from the Riga railway station. Fare price: 3.50 Euro one way.

Train timetable Riga Cesis cm. here.

By car, the road will take about 1.5 hours.

4. Bauska

Distance from Riga – 67 km (on the highway).

Bausk and Rundale is worth merging into one trip.

Rundale is 12 km from Bauski. We did so – first watched the Rundhal Palace with a park (in my opinion, he is more interesting than the castle in Bausk), and on the way back, feeling that there were strength and free time, drove in Bask.

The city of Bauska is founded by the Germans. Then he was called Mariel Down.

What to see

In Bausk, by and large, except the castle there is nothing to look.

The castle-fortress is located in a very picturesque place – when merging the rivers Memele and Musa. Where, merging, both rivers fall into a more complete lielupa.

Say that the Baus castle is different with something outstanding, I can’t. Yes he is an old. It was also founded in the Middle Ages by Knights of the Livonian Order. But it looks like other fellow, without standing out among them, neither scale nor some special highlight.

It is a certain alloy of the gloomy medieval and later refined architectural style. It turns out as 2 locks in one: separately the ruins of the medieval fortress and restored, like the Palace of the Duke.

The most interesting here will be the view of the vicinity of Bauski from the castle tower.

How to get

From the bus station Riga to Bauska walks the bus (the interval – 20-30 minutes). One-way ticket &# 8212; about 3 Euro. Time on the way – 1 hour 15 min.

5. Rundale

Distance from Riga – 76 km (on the car on the highway).

This is not a city, but a small village, but with one sign for Latvia the attraction related to both our history.

Rundhal Palace is included in the Latvian Cultural Heritage List. It was built for the duke of Biron, the favorite of Empress Anna John. The author is the famous Italian architect Rastrelli, creator of the Winter Palace and Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Palace in Peterhof, and DR. architectural masterpieces. Favorite architect Empress Elizabeth.

What to see

Museum works in the walls of the palace.

The interiors of the halls, Apartments of the Duke and Duchess are in excellent condition. Route options for the Palace: big and small circle. The price difference is small (+2 euro). I advise you to take a big circle. Palace inside is really great.

Not only the palace, but also the park surrounding him. It is designed by the project of Rastrelli and restored according to its drawings by our and Latvian experts in the second half of the XX. and early 2000s. On its territory there is a French garden and a rosary. Visit Park Free. Summer here is very beautiful.

Site Palace: Rundale.net

How to get

You can only get to Runda from Riga with a transfer in Bausk: from the central bus station Riga to get to Bauski, there to transfer to the bus before stopping Pilsrundal. Ticket price Bauska Rundale: about 1 Euro.

Where to go from Riga

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