Where to go for the weekend to Karelia?

rest in Karelia is very diverse and unforgettable. Almost all regions come to this place Russia In order to see with your own eyes Natural and cultural treasures. If you want to spend your weekend perfectly, then go to Karelia, After all, it is here that you will get the whole range of emotions that should be from a good journey.


If you want to enjoy air and walk on Karelian places, then exactly you need to go to Reserve "Kivach". Here you will see a chic waterfall, and also be able to visit Museum with stuffed animals. For all tourists are provided excursion, which is called "Taiga World of the Reserve". Here, the excursion passes through a picturesque place Along the river Suna, where you can fully enjoy natural beauties. In front of you will open Forest stream, where you can take a picture Rare types of orchids.

Volcano in the village of Girvas

This is another place in a piggy bank in order to accurately visit it. V Village Girvas There is ancient volcano. Every year in the village open gateways, and on the site of the volcano is formed waterfall, which is several times the size of the waterfall "Kivach". Gateways can close at different times, as it depends on the amount of water. So you need to have time to go to this place in the coming weekend to catch Huge stream of water.


Where to go for the weekend to Karelia

If you are amateur active rest, then exactly you need to go to Mountain Park "Ruskeala". Here you have to go Walking along chic rocks, And you can Rent boat and ride right Marble Lake, It may even be possible to swim in Small caves. If you like extreme, you can fly on marble canyons. And in the evening there are special locations in the park, where you can Prepare kebabs and delicious dinner.

our waterfalls

If you decide to go to Ruskeala, then you definitely do not miss our waterfalls. Here you can arrange a picnic and spend time with your family in clean air. These waterfalls have their own history, as the film was shot here "And dawns here are quiet..".

You still doubt whether you need to visit Karelia? The answer is obvious – Karelia Commitable to visit everyone, as incredible, scenic species open here. Here you will definitely not be without impressions, charge the energy and ride fresh and clean air.

Where to go for the weekend to Karelia

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