Where to go for the weekend in the Volgograd region?

Volgograd region is a great place for those who love fishing and hunting. Rest in this place can be the most vivid memories in the life of the traveler and tourist.

The Volgograd region is rich and saturated with beautiful nature, where many different monuments are installed, unique not only for Russia, but also for Europe.

Volgo – Akhtubinskaya floodplain

This point is a meeting place Rivers Volga and Akhtuba. So this place is very popular for those who love fishing. Also nearby is a park where migratory birds nest. Therefore, in this park you can get acquainted with a lot of different types of birds, including those that are quite rare. Local authorities do everything in order to preserve the beauty of nature of oak forests. Every year a large number of fishermen goes to this place, since in rivers there are such fish as: Beluga, Belorebitsa, sturgeon and herring.


In this place is a natural park, where amazing nature and many monuments. Also in this place you can meet with Stone wall, which is divided into poles, and a greens grow on its vertex that adds incredible beauty. The height of this monolith exceeds 80 meters, and the length has 200 meters.

Lake Elton

This lake is salty and has its own story. The fact is that the lake served as an illustration for Decoration of films Andrei Tarkovsky. Water in this lake of gentle pink color, and waves splashing under azure sky. Such a picture is able to inspire any tourist.

Where to go for the weekend in the Volgograd region

Elton is The largest reservoir in the Volgograd region. Depth of this lake depends on precipitation. Therefore, in summer, the volume can decrease to one and a half meters.

The beauty of this lake complements the shift color. The fact is that in the evening from sunset, the lake can be painted in a golden shade and sparkling with red rays. Therefore, everyone should visit this place in order to enjoy the beauty of this extraordinary lake.

In addition to the scenery to the films, this lake visited the imperial families about 200 years ago. And also in this lake there are healing dirt that are used in the sanatorium on the shore.

Natural parks

In the Volgograd region is Seven natural parks, which are the main domain of the region. The most famous refers to the park called "Nizhneehopersky". This park covers the land of three districts of the Volgograd region. In this park you can get acquainted with the mountains, forests, steps and dumbers.

Where to go for the weekend in the Volgograd region

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