Where to go for the weekend in the Tula region?

Sometimes you want to go away from the city bustle, so in this article we will tell about, Where can I go to relax in the Tula region. Below will only be given the most cozy places where it will be possible to spend your weekend perfectly, enjoy nature and not think about work.

Country Complex "Priokskaya Zori"

This corner will love you with your calmness, as it is in the forest. Here on site you will meet Cozy houses as well as zone in order to cook shashlik and pool in order to swim. This place is perfectly suitable in order to relax and soul, and the body. It opens up so incredible pictorial species, and all because this complex is located in Greile itselfOm cornerE Tula region.

In this place, you can relax with your family and children or retire with your second half.

Country complex "Farm-Tsip’s"

This Restaurant and hotel complex is an unusual format for recreation. Here you will not meet standard houses or arbors, as guests are taken in Small spherical cottages, Where panoramic windows. Here you can be sure that you will meet the dawn and enjoy the sunset, and the pictures on your phone will add three times.

Here you can greatly relax with your family or with the second half. But best of all this place is going to arrange Summit date. Spherical cottages are located at a decent distance from each other, so you can easily park your car near the house. In accommodation included breakfast, so you will not be hungry. You can relax in this place as Winter, so I summer, Because home is very well equipped.

Where to go for the weekend in the Tula region

The special pride of the restaurant in these houses is Grill Bar, where you can eat delicious Vegetables, steaks made of fish and steaks from meat. And you will always wait for you Cozy veranda, where you can order a delicious food.

Museum – Manor "Clear Polyana"

If you want to plunge into the golden autumn, then you need to go here. Going here, you can inspire and imbued with love for your homeland. This manor is located in 14 kilometers from Tula. This place is historical, since it was born Lion Nikolaevich Tolstoy. Near this estate is located Grave writer.

But it is possible to inspire not only the historical facts that are associated with this estate, but also Beautiful nature, because next to the estate grow Clearing, Birch, Poplar and Cle.

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