Where to go for the weekend in the Nizhny Novgorod region?

Now, when the warm time comes, I want to travel and visit those places where there was not before. In this article we will tell you where you can go for the weekend in Nizhny Novgorod region. Be sure to take with you your family or your friends to walk, get sunny baths and make a picnic.

Manor Pashkovoy

it Pricky building It was built in 19th century in english style. Seeing this estate, you are inspired by stone facades, elongated towers and and decorative elements. Unfortunately, this estate remained uncommon, but did not lose its beauty. Therefore, inside created Mini Museum and equipped guest House, where you can stay overnight. And in the morning you can walk along the luxurious Fruit garden.

Vorsen’s lake

This place is very picturesque, as it is monument of nature. This lake from two sides flows Two rivers, And in the center there is a small island, where you can get to the boat or go to Pedestrian bridge. At the largest island is located Holy Trinity Monastery, Surrounded by forest. Water in this lake is so clean that attracts local Kayodoknikov and divers. And also recently divers found Underwater cave. Therefore, there is exactly what to see.

This lake is located in the city Vorsma, where festivals of folk art regularly pass. Tourists are often coming in this place, so it has recently opened here guest House, where you can spend the night and stay with your family.

Where to go for the weekend in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Shukhovskaya Tower

These unique structures were designed by the engineer and inventor Vladimir Shukhov. But at the moment there is only one highest tower, which is ten kilometers from the city Dzerzhinsk. This place is necessary to visit, so do not miss your chance to walk through the forest, the embankment and arrange a small picnic along with your friends or with your family. And also, if you make a photo on the background of this tower, then a very long time will remember your journey.


This is the biggest and deep lake in Nizhny Novgorod region. It is located in the Natural Park in Resurrection District. This place is characterized by a very interesting legend, with which you can familiarize yourself, come on an excursion. And also this place is very famous for the fact that in the lake very clean water, on the territory there is a wooden church Kazan Mother and Historical Ladies – Art Museum.

Where to go for the weekend in the Nizhny Novgorod region

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