Where to go for the weekend in the Murmansk region?

Murmansk region is a harsh edge, but at the same time definitely fascinates with its beauty. Depending on what time of year you will go to this place, you will come across either with Polar Day, either S polar night. If you travel in winter, you will see northern Lights with my own eyes. And if you go to the Murmansk region in the summer, let’s meet with polar day when the bright sun shines at night.

In this article we will tell about, What places can be visited in the extreme north.

Terberka and Northern Arctic Ocean

This place is in 135 kilometers from the city of Murmansk. This place attracts tourists in that you can visit the literal sense on the edge of the land and stay with beauty Ocean, standing on the deserted shore. This gorgeous place is suitable for both romantics and extreme lovers. Here you can to fish, or Diving, And if you visit this place in a colder period, you can meet northern Lights. If you are planning your trip to Teribero, then do not worry about the fact that there will be no time to spend the night. In this village there is Hotels, where you can accommodate with your family or with your friends.

Kirovsk and Resort "Big Wedjd"

City of Kirovsk is in 215 kilometers from Murmansk. In this wonderful city you can meet with Hibins, After all, this city is on the outskirts of the mountain range. In winter, it opens here resort, where can To ski. Do not worry about what you do not have ski experience, because this resort is perfectly suitable both newcomer and experienced skier. If you do not like skiing, you still recommend to visit this place, as it opens here Fantastic panoramas on mountain peaks.

Where to go for the weekend in the Murmansk region

Kandalaksha Labyrinth

Mysterious landmark Kola Peninsula is an Labyrinth, which is called "Babylon". This place is in 4 kilometers from the city of Kandalaksha. Before it can be reached by public transport, or by train. If you go to Kandalaksha, then you can call and Taxi to Babylon, which will cost inexpensive.

our Zapolyar is a great place where you can relax and look at the beauty of nature. Here you will open Elegant lakes with transparent water as well tundra, Where will you come up with a crazy combination of flowers of tundra fields. Having traveled to Kirovsk You will get acquainted with mountain ranges – Hibiny. Unfortunately, in this place near eight months lasts winter, Which is characterized polar nights. However, this time is the most beautiful in order to meet tourists.

Where to go for the weekend in the Murmansk region

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