Where to go for the weekend in the Leningrad region?

It is now very difficult to get abroad, so people prefer to travel next to the city in which they live. A small departure of the city helps people disperse and stop thinking about work. In this article we will tell you where you can go from St. Petersburg for a couple of days.

Dudefood heights

This place is located In the Lomonosovsky district of the Leningrad region. Dudefood heights will like those who love climbing the hills and mountains.

These heights are a monument of nature since the time of Paleozoic. On the territory of Dudugof, you will find a park where there are a lot of thickets of nuts. This place will like you if you like to look at Scenic expanses and walk among the trees.

"Ohta Park"

This place is located 35 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The resort will like you if you like to spend your free time in nature. The country resort is located in the forest park area, there is a cottage settlement and various pools, as well as restaurants and a wellness complex. In winter, this place is most popular because you can go to Ski resort, ride a rink and visit Snowpark.

Park "Zubtemer"

This park is perfect for those who love family holiday. It is 38 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Especially this place will enjoy the children, as it will be possible to watch the bison, as well as ride horses.

Where to go for the weekend in the Leningrad region

This park was discovered in 1979, but still very much like to all visitors, as you can look at animals, as well as feed them. Still in this park there are specially dedicated zones in order to carry out picnics where all your family can gather.

If you visit this park in winter, then you can ride a quad bike or snowmobile. Children in this fleet will be no less interesting, as there is a special playground and a small town where you can walk.

If you do not have personal vehicles, then before this park can be reached by public.

Gatchina geysers

This place is most often visited Winter, When water in geysers freezes in a very unusual form and forms Ice sculptures. But in the summer there is something to see, since this place resembles the world of fantasy. Getting to this place is not difficult. And if you have personal vehicles, then there is parking on the main road, where you can leave the car.

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