Where to go for the weekend in the Kaluga region?

Kaluga region He is a close region Moscow region. Here you will meet the variety of picturesque corners who have become loved by Moscow Dachnikov. And also on the way you will meet Monuments of antiquities and monasteries, where our geniuses were inspired – Dostoevsky, Powesty, Gogol, Chekhov and Karamzin.

Open space

That is called Cosmonautical Museum named after Tsiolkovsky. The museum is large in Russia, Therefore, here you will be able to get acquainted with cosmonauts and get on Excursion, Where will you tell you various space secrets.

Museum of garbage

Museum of garbage is a visual indicator that waste production may become present Art object. The idea of ​​creating a museum of garbage arose from artists around the world, which is why there was a large platform in order to embody the dream to reality. Every exhibit that is located in this museum makes you think about every person about, Are there any limits in ingenuity. After all, you can create a whole gift bouquet, using cutlery or Corn Copper. And also in this museum there Quests, where, for example, you can save the falling helicopter. This museum is in 90 kilometers from Kaluga.

Feed bison

This phrase is called the reserve "Kaluga sequins"Where it is built Special route, Where can I watch for Wild animals. Once upon an excursion, which is accompanied by will definitely tell about how they live and what they eat Residents Reserve. Here you can meet with Cosmata bison, who loves very much Carrot and hay. These friendly animals You can feed, Therefore, I’ll like it for sure.

Where to go for the weekend in the Kaluga region

Manor Goncharov

On this Plain plant Goncharov Previously owned a paper manuff. So now B Russia Open Museum of Paper in the Kaluga Region, where you can learn about how paper is produced, but more sobut create a paper sheet yourself. This lesson is very interesting for both adults and children. Therefore, be sure to go here the whole family.

Motherland atomic energy

Power station He is the outpost Nuclear Tourism. You can get to this place with a car or with a bus. Presently nuclear power plant does not produce energy, but can tell everyone about the development nuclear industry.

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