Where to go for the weekend in Ryazan?

If you do not know where to go on weekends or holidays, we recommend feel free to choose Ryazan Oblast, Since it is not far from Moscow, And in the city Ryazan Available Water Parks, Yesenin Places and TourCompleks. Therefore, you can safely take with you children, so they will also be interested to visit this city.

When you want to relax and arrange yourself a small trip on the weekend, then before Ryazan Very quickly reach. From Moscow to Ryazan about 200 kilometers.

Ryazan Kremlin

Ryazan Kremlin is the main attraction of this city. On the territory of the Kremlin are located towers and monasteries, as well as museums. In the museum you will find Old our art, as well as valuable exhibits – Women’s decorations of the 13th century. Still in the Kremlin is Assumption Cathedral, Which is built out of red brick and has high windows with white thread. Assumption Cathedral is an example Baroque style, and The largest temple in Russia.

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This museum is located next to Krasmam, so if you visit it, you can get on Master class on chocolate lollipop. And also there are Tea cafe, where you can try the Ryazan dish – Pancakes kaisones.

Atmospheric streets

If you like to walk in the fresh air, we recommend visit you the biggest streets of the city Ryazan. These streets refer Cathedral and Astrakhan. It is on these streets that you will see Monuments of the architecture of the 19th century. And also you like Street post, which in the future called Arbat.

Where to go for the weekend in Ryazan


V Ryazan There is own Tretyakovka. In the Art Museum you can get acquainted with the collection of genuine works Tropinin, Aivazovsky, Levitan, Shishkin and Surikova.

A few kilometers from the city entertainment center, where any tourist can entertain. This complex includes Route for kart, water park, where you can forget about urban bustle and enjoy the time with your family. This complex is especially recommended for visiting with kids, since they will definitely do what to do.

If you want to admire picturesque places, you can go to riverbank and visit Solotcha village. Solotcha village has its own history and chic nature. Here in front of you will reveal Pine forest, pure rivers and healing air.

We recommend that you visit these places if you suddenly go to Ryazan Oblast or in Ryazan. You will like right.

Where to go for the weekend in Ryazan

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