Where to go for the weekend in Irkutsk?

Irkutsk He is the main city Eastern Siberia, and therefore this city has many people associated with Baikal. Of course, if you decide to go to Irkutsk, then on Baikal exactly need to go. But this city is also self-sufficient and without the famous lake.

Visiting Irkutsk, you will meet with the manifold Theaters, parks and large shopping centers. And also in this city have been preserved Quarters of stone and wooden buildings and beautiful temples Barochko style.

And also you will break into the world of adventure, gorgeous nature and comfortable hubs that are located in this city. Irkutsk also attracts Alpinists, as you can arrange leisure And go For a few days in the mountains, Where are the pictorial species in front of you.

Surely, the first where you need to go, so it to the Spasskaya Church, which is located next to the building of the Regional Administration. The modern building of the Spasskaya Church is very snow-white and made of stone. And also this church is The most oldest in Eastern Siberia.

Also be sure to go to Monument to Peter and Fevronia Murom, Especially on weekends, when the pedestal is covered with bouquets.

Next on your way will open Lower Quay, Where is located Cathedral of Epiphany. This place is extraordinarily beautiful and does a certain story.

Irkutsk is beautiful as summer and winter. Winter will be open ski rolling, in the summer Cycling excursions. And you can also go to your family to Mountain River Alloy.

Most popular place in Irkutsk in winter

Where to go for the weekend in Irkutsk

The most sought-after place in the cold period is Town "Crystal Fairy Tale". This place is fully described by its name, as it imparts tourists to an amazing world where you can engage Winter sports And admire Ice sculptures. All sculptures from ice, which are presented in this town, are manually made, so it adds even greater beauty.


In Irkutsk there are many workshops where you can learn to various skills. For example, you can go to Studio of culinary projects, Where do you learn how to prepare those dishes that are popular in this region. Or you can go to House of needlework, where you will definitely teach to embroider and hold a master class. As well as in Irkutsk there Pottery school, where you can learn pottery art.

In addition to all these entertainment in Irkutsk there are also Planetarium, Museum of Optical Illusions, Amusement, Sports Clubs, where you can have fun with your family. So go to this wonderful city with your children, as you all will do something.

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