Where to go for the weekend in Bashkiria?

When the working days are already tired and I want to restart your emotional state a little, you need to go on a little journey for a few days. In this article, we will tell you where you can go to rest for the weekend in Bashkiria.


Before this place can be reached by car. Going into this place, you will get a storm of emotions from how much beautiful landscapes Opening in front of you. Sometimes it seems that you can touch the clouds, because they are so close. Rising to the top of the mountain you can make a desire that will surely come true.

Natural Park "Shulgan-Tash"

In this park there is a cave, which is the property of the park. She happens to be One of the largest in the Urals and one of the oldests so more than 1,000,000 years. This place will definitely leave a good impression that you will stay in your mind for many years.


This mountain is The residue of the reef of the Nizhneprm reef massif, which was formed more than 230,000,000 years ago. Having visited this place, natural landscapes, lakes and springs will be revealed in front of you, which are so perfect for relaxing with their family.

Range "Avdyrdak"

This place is in 150 kilometers from Ufa. You will reveal the type of beautiful mountains, rocks and difficult slopes. This is a quiet and beautiful place characterized by environmentally friendly air and extraordinary hiking campaigns in which you can go and distract from urban bustle.

Where to go for the weekend in Bashkiria

This place is perfectly suitable in order to combine Rest with your family. Having done photos against the background of the mountains, you will be able to revise them and with a smile and warm memories of a beautiful rest.

Lake Yacht-Kul

This lake is in 311 kilometers from Ufa. You can get there using personal transport. This lake is The deepe-water reservoir, Therefore, you will definitely be impressed by its size and beauty.

Water in the lake is so transparent that you can get acquainted with the marine inhabitants, seeing them on the surface. This lake is sometimes called a "bath" because it is associated with a certain story. The fact is that Emelyan Pugachev ordered his army to wash in this lake before the responsible battle. Therefore, in addition to the beauty of this place, you can get acquainted with the greatest history of this lake.

Be sure to visit these extraordinary places with your family or with friends, since in this article we have collected the most unique and beautiful places with a gorgeous view that are located in Bashkiria.

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