Where to go for the weekend from Voronezh?

Many are used to traveling and leave to other countries in order to get bright emotions. But almost everyone forget that Our native land is rich in beautiful and picturesque places, where you can perfectly spend rest with your family. If you want to leave from Voronezh, then you need to schedule a clear route of your trip. V Voronezh region Lots are very much Monuments, which are very often visited by different tourists. As well as in the area a lot pictorial slopes, rivers, mountains and underground tunnels.


Kostenka This is a small village that is located on the right bank Don. This place is very interesting for archaeologists, since it was here that were Found things of our ancestors. In the twenties of the last century, multiple excavations were conducted and under Voronezh was discovered "capital" The world of Paleolita. On the territory of this village there is Museum-Reserve, There are very often scientists from different parts of different countries can come there. Be sure to visit this place, because there you can find various riddles of antiquity.


If you move north of Voronezh, then you can detect Sandy slice, which praise is a thick forest. The height of this slope exceeds 60 meters. This place is very ancient, since the first mention of this area was spelled out in 1389th year. Before the peasants lived here, and now there are Various monuments, who inspire each tourist. Also on the expanses of this area are revealed Gorgeous species, so everyone can go hiking along the path along the oak and look at all with their own eyes.


Where to go for the weekend from Voronezh

This place is closer to the south of Voronezh. And here you can get acquainted with Sacred monastery. Still on the expanses of this village is located Cave Cathedral, which keeps on Melon columns. If you go to this place on the May holidays, you can understand The spiritual world of Voronezh Jerusalem.


Your little journey can make you in Resurrection Monastery, Since this place is characteristic of the presence of a caveman. Long underground corridors, which are located under monastery will be revealed. This monastery was opened in 1866th year, And you can get to this place with the help of a bus or public transport.

In order to rest for a few days, it is not necessary to extend somewhere far beyond the country. Pay attention to the surroundings and, perhaps, you will be very inspiring and please.

Where to go for the weekend from Voronezh

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