Where to go for the weekend from Ufa?

When people ask the question of where you can go from Ufa on the weekend, we can easily tell the answer. In this article we will tell about, What places are best to visit if you have gathered to relax on weekends outside Ufa.


Throughout the route you will always be accompanied White river. This river is the main river Bashkortostan.

His origin White river Takes at the mountain Jesnel. The length of the river near 1000 kilometers, Therefore, if you go on a boat tour of the river Agidel (White), then on the way to meet Forest trails, glades, forest thickets, where you can arrange a picnic and consider massive rocks.

Pavlovskoye reservoir

it reservoir It is very popular and almost all residents of the republic say about it. This reservoir is in transport accessibility for anyone, as well as go there daily buses. Here they love to come residents in order to relax well, because in this place besides beauty, also Developed infrastructure.

Off the coast reservoir you will meet wonderful Tourist bases, so if you want to stay with the night then it will not be much difficulty. Also in the summer you can entertain yourself, because it is possible to play in volleyball, To do Water skiing or just relax in the reserved place on the beach.

if you love Filty, then you can catch here carp, pike or perch.

Where to go for the weekend from Ufa

Blue Lake

it Lake not just so called Blue. The fact is that throughout the year the lake retains a certain blue. This is due to the fact that The bottom of the reservoir is covered with blue clay, which gives this wonderful shade. This place is perfect for those who want to get new impressions, but at the same time does not want to spend the whole day on the road. This place is in 40 kilometers from Ufa.

You can also entertain yourself on the shore of this lake, because there is Tropicks, on which you can walk, and on the background of the lake will do Elegant photos. Also in this place you can arrange Small picnic and cook kebabs.

Bashkir Shikhana

Shikhan is a single mountain with a neat step and laconic slopes. As a rule, this mountain stands out in the middle of the plains. In Bashkiria, they are somewhat: Mine, Khuta Toratta and YuRAKTAU. In this place a lot mineral, who love to mine Industrial enterprises. At the moment it is to do forbidden and local authorities are trying to leave the geopark intact.

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