Where to go to rest for the new year?

"Prepare Sani in the summer, and the cart is in winter!"We decided and, despite the fact that on the calendar the very beginning of the summer, we decided to start planning the New Year’s trip. In the preparation process, it was found that the options where to go to rest for the new year a great set remains only to choose. We have noted a new year abroad for our tourist life, both in warm countries and not very. Waited the year when we stayed at home and met a holiday in a family circle or went to the Red Square and met the arrival of the new year in a circle of completely unfamiliar people. If you are tormented by the question "where to go for the new year?", Perhaps our experience will be useful to you, at least, I want to believe it, it’s not for nothing that we spend so much time to spend an artist, and it’s a shame if they do not need anyone! &# 128578;

New Year’s holidays 2016

According to the manufacturing calendar for 2016, the ours will rest in New Year’s holidays from January 1 to January 10. December 31 is officially considered a working day with a reduced schedule.

We were lucky, all of our previous employers (God forbid them all good health) always did his weekend, and we hope that yours too. &# 128578; In general, if your guide is ready to give you a couple of weekends before the holidays, then you get almost full-fledged two-week vacation. How to spend it most interesting and saturated? Or rather, where to go to rest for the new year? There are many options, from banal "stay at home with friends and drink three boxes of champagne" and, including exotic, go to conquer the Jungle Amazon or unknown mountain peaks. We will tell only about those options that tried on ourselves, as well as how much will cost the implementation of such routes in the coming holidays.

Where to go for the new year at sea

When in Central Russia, winter and snowfall, it is pleasant to sunbathe and swim in the warm ocean. Therefore, one of the most popular destinations for the New Year holidays is a beach vacation. Our planet is large, so you can always find an option where it will be warm and sunny. We celebrated the new year in other climatic belts three times.

New Year in Thailand

In the last decade, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the new year. In large respects, due to affordable prices on flights, relatively cheap housing and excellent level of service. Information on Thailand a great set, there are even individual resources that are dedicated to this country, and it remains only to choose a place where you want to meet unforgettable holidays. Many options: Phuket, Samui, Phangan, Similan or Surin Islands. In general, you have already understood that only the list of islands can be continued to infinity, and there is still the so-called, mainland: Pattaya or Krabi. We chose Phuket for yourself. Well, as you chose. Just there were the cheapest tickets. &# 128578;

How to fly to Phuket cheap and not very?

Since Phuket – the direction is quite popular, then a number of airlines make direct flights there, and among them – our Aeroflot and Transaero. It is very convenient if you are with children, you do not need to suffer with many hours docks and carry a child in transit airport. But, as a rule, direct flights are the most expensive, so there is either to catch any accommodation with low prices, or fly with docks. Most often, the cheapest option is the option with two transplants from Emirates or Qatari airlines. View and compare prices for all options on the site Aviasales, It is enough to simply enter the desired direction and the system itself will find the best options.

According to the data on May 2015, fly to Phuket from Moscow (there and back) from 45,000 rubles per adult.

Where to live in Phuket?

Where to live depends solely on your financial capabilities and plans. You can choose a hotel with the "All Inclusive" system, and you can remove small apartments if you fly a large company, you can remove the whole villa, and then the price of a person per day will be quite low. We booked our hotel on site Agoda, You can also do this by using the card that is right under this paragraph.

According to May 2015 hotels on Phuket start from $ 20 (excluding local fees) for a double room at the hotel 2 * without food, and if the Spartan conditions are not for you, then prices for 4 * start from $ 40.

What to do on New Year’s Eve on Phuket

If you are going to relax for the new year, then, of course, it is worth it to decide in advance what to do at the very first night of 2016.

The easiest option: Most hotels offer a festive entertainment program for an additional fee and, as a rule, more than half of guests take this proposal to not particularly bother.

The most romantic option: Buy champagne and fruit and go to celebrate the New Year to the Ocean Coast, but there are one, there will be more such meetings, so romance is dubious.

The most cheerful option: In Thailand, there are a lot of our-speaking guys who leave there for wintering, as a rule, if you search for the forums (the same AWD from Vineh), you can find several options for meeting the New Year in the company. They say such parties are very funny. We ourselves are introvert, so it is unlikely that we will try such a way, but knowledgeable people advise.

The most quiet option: go to bed, and in the morning it is early to go to the sea.

What to look at Phuket

Thailand is one of those countries where landmarks are not just a lot, and a lot, and Phuket is not an exception. Here are just some of them: Thai Hua Museum (Thai Hua Museum), Mount Monkey, Wat Sire (Wat Koh Siray), Butterfly Garden, Zoo, Oceanarium, Royal Park and others. In general, on Phuket, in addition to the sea and the Sun, there is something to satisfy the thirst for knowledge.

Recently, Thailand has become a very popular place to "go to the New Year", so tickets and hotels are better booking in advance, as the closer the holiday, the less budget options remains.

New Year in Maldives

Maldives – one of the most popular seats for wedding travel, newlyweds from all over the world storming costly hotels all year round. But what to do those who are not going to bind yourself to marriage? Right, go to this beautiful country to celebrate the New Year! &# 128578;

How to fly to Maldives

Holidays in Maldives – Pleasure, as a rule, was not cheap. Ready tours are fabricated money, so if you want to even save a little, you will have to organize everything yourself. Fortunately, here to help, as always, shipping aggregators in flights and sales. On the same Aviasales, You can subscribe to the newsletter in the direction, and as soon as the appropriate option appears, the system will send you a letter, and you quickly grab the bank card and book, while other cunning tourists did not attend all the tickets. The easiest option is to search for tickets to the capital of the country, the city of Male, and from there on the ship – taxi or the transfer of the hotel to the right island. But you need to understand that if you have chosen a hotel on a remote island, the transfer will cost you quite expensive.

Hotel in Maldives

If you want a paradise, like on postcards, then in this case, cheap hotels in the Maldives will not find. There are budget options in the capital, but there are no such white sand and blue sea, which are the hallmark of the paradise islands.

What to do on New Year’s Eve in Maldives

If the hotel does not provide an entertainment program for its tourists, then, to put it mildly, do nothing in the Maldives on New Year’s Eve. Although … you can sit on the ocean or well to sleep. &# 128578;

What to look at the Maldives

The main entertainment of the islands are diving, snorkeling and other water treatments. Naturally, all these activity, like everything else in the Maldives, is quite expensive. Personally, we have nothing but your hotel there, but we flew just four days, just to buy in the sea and relax in silence from the Moscow rhythm of life. By the way, that’s why there are still no articles dedicated to this islands.

Summing up, the new year in the Maldives is not much different from other days on the paradise islands. Everything is quiet, calm and very measured. If you just need to sleep, get rid and relax, then this is the most beautiful option, but one of the most expensive. Personally, we were pretty quickly bored, but we need a constant driving and thirst for knowledge, we even ask for a child in all trips "when we go to the museum?"And he is only two years old. &# 128578;

New Year in Egypt

When we first met the new year abroad, we went to Egypt. First, fly close, secondly, the beautiful sea and even sometimes warm, and thirdly – the travel budget is much less than other options.

How to fly and where to live in Egypt for the new year?

You can tell how much pleases about the delights of aggregators when searching for cheap tickets to Egypt, but for many years already, the most fiscal way to visit the country the pyramid remains the ready batch tour. Sometimes the cost of the tour is much cheaper than a plane ticket, and personally we have already bought the cheapest tour twice to use only flight, and the hotel booked on your own. For example, last year, Cheaptrip could find options for $ 180 in three days in the 4 * "All Included" system.

What to see in Egypt?

From free entertainment, the snorkeling and beauty of the Red Sea, and if you want excursions, you can go to Cairo or Luxor, look at numerous tourist shows that there are in every resort town or go on quad bikes to the village to Bedouins.

Where to go for the new year to Europe

If you do not like the sea and warm edges very much, and you really want to leave the country to rest on the New Year holidays, then one of the European countries can be an excellent option. This is especially true for lovers of winter sports – you can combine the inspection of cities with ski slopes. But Europe is different: instead of traditional Germany, Austria and France, we would like to pay attention to the nearest neighbors, namely Poland.

New Year in Poland

If you choose the most beautiful Polish city, then this is, of course, Krakow. There is everything for a good rest: ancient city, museums, historical places, castles, mulled wine and very nearby – ski slopes.

Flights to Krakow

Unfortunately, in September 2014, Aeroflot stopped direct flights to Krakow. Therefore, most likely you have to get with a change in Warsaw, but even taking into account the transplant, the road will take 4-5 hours, and Polish airlines offer very pleasant prices – $ 100-120 per ticket back and back.

Cheapest tickets from Moscow to Krakow and back

departure date
Return date Transplants Airline Find tickets
September 27, 2021 September 30, 2021 Direct flight Find from 6 082
September 23, 2021 September 30, 2021 1 stop Find from 7 775
August 5, 2021 August 31, 2021 2 stops Find from 12 039

From Moscow to Krakow about 1,500 km, so automobile travel lovers can experience themselves in driving in winter Europe.

Hotels in Krakow

Hotels in Krakow a lot. Those far from the center are cheaper, those that are located in the old town are more expensive. If you are traveling by car, remember that parking in the center of Krakow is paid, and not all hotels have their own. So better to clarify this moment in advance.

What to do on New Year’s Eve in Krakow

All major folk festivities on the occasion of the new year are held on the main square of Krakow – the market, it is there the main fun. You can figure out the new year in the crowd of fun tourists and residents of the city, drinking Mulled wine and listening to the hours of hours, but keep in mind that at night the square will be empty, Poles go on bars or houses to continue to celebrate the holiday. So it is worth thinking about booking a table in some good place or go to sleep so that in the morning with a clean conscience go to walk through Krakow and inspecting his sights.

What to see in Krakow

Where to go for the new year

About what to see in Krakow we can speak infinitely – very much we love this city. Of course, the list of MUST See for any tourist who came to the city is included Wawel Castle, Old city, Square Market, quarter Kazimezh and numerous Cultural routes, designed specifically for tourists. If the krakow himself is already examined, then you can go to watch salt mines in Great or in Auschwitz. For lovers of winter sports in the New Year holidays, the resorts of Zakopane, Tatras, subtatra, Pennines, Horses, Beskids and Sunnye are always open.

As you can see, Poland is a rather interesting country that is perfect for coming here for the new year. Another interesting option can be the Latvian capital, which is always glad to tourists.

New Year in Riga

Latvian capital for many years in a row is one of the most popular "New Year’s" trends, along with Berlin and Prague. We ended up in Riga not on the eve of the New Year, but a couple of days later, but it did not prevent us from penetrating the beauty of this city.

Flights to Riga

In Riga, you can go on a car, but you should be ready for the New Year holidays on the border dozens of hours. Therefore, for the holidays in Latvia it is better to fly. Cheap flights to Riga, as can always be found at Aviasales.Ru.

Cheapest tickets from Moscow to Riga and back

departure date
Return date Transplants Airline Find tickets
December 11, 2021 December 18, 2021 Direct flight Find from 9 195
September 22, 2021 October 2, 2021 1 stop Find from 7 066
August 18, 2021 September 9 2021 1 stop Find from 11 135

Hotels in Riga

Hotel business in Riga is developed very well, and if you are in the city for the first time, then you should choose a hotel in the old town, then the New Year’s tale will be with you around the clock. After all, the center of Riga himself looks like a fairy tale.

What to do in Riga on New Year’s Eve

As in all former Soviet republics, Fireworks and folk festivities love in Riga. In the city center you can not only walk and enjoy the beauty of the city, but also to participate in the celebration of the New Year, drinking champagne with other participants of the holiday. Unfortunately, the festivities last not all night, and after the chimes are trying at midnight, Riga and guests of the city will differ in their affairs.

Most depart home or restaurants where the new year is celebrated by a narrow round. If you are planning to follow their example, it is necessary to book a table in advance, because in a couple of months I will find places for a large company will be difficult.

What to see in Riga

Riga – a beautiful vintage city, in it an amazing architecture and history. Numerous museums will not leave indifferent lovers of such pastime. We wrote about the sights of the historic center of Riga to the big article.

For those who want to plunge into medieval Latvia even more, it is worth paying attention to Sigulda located nearby. Get to her very simple, and Turaid castle will dip you in the history of middle ages.

If you want the North Sea and walks along the embankment, then, of course, you need to go to Jurmala. Winter resort city – just great.

Where to go for the new year in Russia

If suddenly you have ended the passport or the desire to go abroad, then the new year can be found in Russia. True, it’s not a fact that this pleasure will cost cheaper.

New Year in Suzdal

One of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring is always glad to tourists and the new year is no exception. Suzdal attracts both couples with children and tourists who are accustomed to relax big noisy companies. If you want to celebrate the New Year in our, then you exactly in Suzdal.

What to do in Suzdal for the New Year

If you arrived in Suzdal a large company and especially for these purposes removed the whole house, then you most likely have such a question. The program of the New Year’s amazing and the alkosorovniki you already have a grace. And where to go to those who came with his family, and wants a real holiday. Many hotels offer their guests festive programs with traditional our cuisine and entertainment. But you can go for a night walk to enjoy the silence and beauty of the snow-covered city.

After the old year spent, and the new one was met, you can go for a walk around the city so that you already examine everything at the light of the day Sights Suzdal And participate in traditional winter entertainment: Sanya riding, Building a Snow Fortress, Tasting Mercuffs in Claus. &# 128578;

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Where in the end go for the new year?

Where to go for the new year every decides for yourself. The main thing is to celebrate the holiday so that it is not a shame for spent money and time. And then the main thing is not "where to meet," and with whom! So before planning a New Year’s trip to the sea think, but do you want to celebrate the holiday with these people? We wish you excellent New Year holidays and pleasant travel! &# 128578;

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