Where to go for the new year in nature

We offer a selection of options where to go for the new year. Cool and incendiary rest awaits you in winter in Russia. Gorki, tourist bases, ski resorts and geasers – it can be great scenery for the holiday.

Northern Lights on the Kola Peninsula

The harsh winter climate of the Kola Peninsula will give a fabulous winter atmosphere of the bolts, solved to celebrate here New Year holidays.

Up to April here you can see northern Lights – a unique phenomenon when the dark night sky is illuminated by blue. It is at this moment that you understand that it’s not in vain spent money and strength to get here. And if you are very lucky, the Northern Light will appear on New Year’s Eve. Then no fireworks do not need.

In order to have more chances to see the Northern Lights, stop in the villages with a small light pollution:

  • Teriberka
  • Selo Lovzero
  • Test bases in the Khibiny mountains


  • The approximate cost of the plane ticket from Moscow to Murmansk (one way) – 4000 rubles.
  • Double room in local hotels is worth from 2000 rubles.

Sites with the forecast of the Northern Lights:

    – shows the forecast for 3 days or 30 minutes. – long-term forecast (you need to choose Europe).


New Year’s Karelia It is interesting to conquer on skis or snowmobile.

After long walking on snow plains and forests, you can return to a warm house to continue the celebration, or climb a hot bath.

Many go here to get acquainted with Malamuts and Husky.

Malamuta &# 8212; Riding dogs running in the harness. Breeded by Eskimos Malemute. One of the oldest dog breeds.

Next to the nursery of driving dogs Tourist complex "Kariala Park". Is he on the banks of the River Shuya.

Sign up for a visit to the nursery is better in advance, since in the New Year holidays fluffy friends are very popular.

If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then for you in Karelia there are ready tours. You will have the opportunity to ride in the harness of reindeer, to visit Karelian farm, go skiing and build a real serf snow wall.

Ready tours Look for our long-time friends – Ale-Tour Companies.


  • Approaching air ticket from Moscow to Petrozavodsk (one way) – 5000 rubles.
  • Accommodation in the guest house in the village of Sailors – from 2000 rubles.


Meet the New Year on the shore of Baikal – the dream of many people.

In your journey on Baikal, you can also ride dog sledding, to visit the Buryat ethnodevna at Cape Hazir, visit Olkhon Island and Cape Burkhan.

In late December, the north of Baikal is already covered with durable and stable ice. You will be one of the first to run ice skating or make a photo session on the ice of this legendary lake.


  • Sample ticket for Moscow-Irkutsk flight ticket (one way) – 10 000 rub.
  • Guest House Rental on Baikal Coast – from 6000 rubles per day.

Ski and Tubing

Fans of outdoor activities will appreciate our ski resorts.

"Tyoya" in Sayanov

Place with a special climate surrounded by high mountains.

Tyu is at an altitude of about 1000 m.

Snow here lasts in October, so cross-country skiing season is one of the longest in Russia.

Total length of skiing – 33 km. From her loops you can cut about a dozen routes.

Length track for beginner skiers – 2.5 km. On the basis there is a gym and a bath.


  • Flight the cost of Moscow-Irkutsk (one way) – from 6000 rubles.
  • Accommodation in the standard hotel room – from 1600 rubles.

Krasnaya Polyana

The famous ski resort near the city of Sochi. Under the new year of tourists there is a lot here, but the resort allows you to take more and more.

In addition to traditional skiing, here you can visit the water park, skating rink, a Thai massage session, karting and much more. Bored at the mountain resorts of Sochi you will definitely not be.

Here are 3 ski resorts:

  • "Rosa Khutor"
  • Gazprom
  • "Krasnaya Polyana" (former "Gorki City")

Krasnaya Polyana bribes also in just 1.5 hours you can get to Sochi. Swim in the sea at this time, however, it will not work – ice ice. But listen to the noise of the surf in the New Year’s Eve – easy.

Behind the winter Sochi nature, go to the local arboretum, and for cultural and informative rest – in the Museum of the History of Sochi or the Dacha of Stalin – half-week demaths.


  • Ticket price Moscow-Sochi – Sochi – up to 10,000 rubles.
  • Hotel in Krasnaya Polyana – from 5 000 rubles per day.

Red hill

For those who want to celebrate the New Year outside the house, but does not want to go far, suitable Ski resort "Red Gorka" In the suburban Podolsk. In addition to the snowy slopes and four multi-level tracks, there are rental Tubes and Restaurant.

Where to go for the new year in nature

Go there better on your car.


  • The cost of living in the hotel room on holidays – 6000 rubles. per day.
  • House rental – from 8000 rubles per day.

The hot springs

Hot springs will give you not only positive emotions from the celebration of the New Year, but also the sea of ​​warm memories.

Akvakomplex "7th"

This is a huge complex of hot springs on the outskirts of. Kurgan in the area of ​​Ryabkovo.

Here you will find:

  • Outdoor thermal pool with an area of ​​383 kV.M. with water temperature from + 37 ° C with gyromassage installations;
  • SPA center with phytoboles;
  • children’s outdoor pool with water temperature up to + 39 ° C;
  • 2 Baths and Hamam.


  • The cost of a plane ticket from Moscow to Kurgan (one way) – from 5000 rubles.
  • Standard number up to 3 people – from 5000 rubles per day.


Thermal complex "Watercolor" is located near the city of Turinsk Sverdlovsk region.

On the territory of the complex besides hot mineral waters and hotels, there is a bath and sauna, sports and playgrounds, a mangal zone, a SPA-salon and a cafe. Here you can relax, play sports and swim in the hot water pool.


  • Ticket price from Moscow to Yekaterinburg (one way) – 7 000 rubles.
  • The cost of the standard room in the hotel complex – from 4 000 rubles per day.

Ski resort of the Krasnodara region "Zlatagora"

Another skiing complex – "Zlatagora". It is located in the village of PsEBA in the Mostovsky district of the Krasnodar Territory, on the ridge naked at an altitude of 1700 m.

The total length of the route – 1200 m. There are 2 lifts and highway for tubing with a length of 80 m. During the database walk, you will see landscapes with mountain gorges, stormy waterfalls.

19 cities of Russia for traveling with children and why they should go to them

On the slope of the mountain – cafes, 2 guest house, our bath, equipment rental.

You can perfectly spend the New Year holidays in the mountains of the Krasnodar Territory, stopping in local sanatoriums.


  • Ticket price Moscow-Sochi (one way) – up to 10,000 rubles.
  • Double Room Price – from 2000 rubles.


Glamping is something cross between camping and ordinary hotel.

You live in the fresh air, wake up under the sounds of nature and walk along the snow-covered forest, but you have a hot shower, a soft bed, fresh food and watching evening cinema. This option is suitable for whom the city has been bored, but I don’t want to give up urban amenities at all.

"Chepshk Park"

Located in the mountain altai on the banks of the Katun River.

On the eve of the New Year, you can rent a bungalow here, cover the festive table and enjoy unity with the Altai nature among the mountain ranges. Near the Christmas tree usually hold New Year’s fun to which you can join. To health also has a brazier and a bath.


The cost of the standard room – 2700 rubles per day.

"Green trail"

Another good glinding is located in the Tula region.

You will be able to walk along the snow-covered forest, see together with other holidays evening Christmas cinema on the attic, run distance skiing, build a snow castle, go to a hot bath, and then plunge into the font of the open sky.


  • Ticket price for the Moscow-Tula train (one way) – 600 rubles.
  • Rent a house with a Christmas program – from 27 000 rubles for two.

Altai region

Wishing to start a new year not from the traditional New Year’s table, cost to go to the Altai eco-hotel Altica. In addition to picturesque walks in the forest, here you can visit Finnish and our baths, gym, play snowballs and go skating.


  • The cost of the flight from Moscow to Gorno-Altaisk (one way) – to 23 000 rubles.
  • Accommodation in the Standard Room – 4500 rubles per day.

Kamchatka: spend the night in the shelter of Eskimos

Not every tourist will decide on such a trip. If you are lucky to be in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, here you can organize a tour of the "needle-hotel".

It is located at the foot of the Volcano Vilyuchinsky and works only in winter. Guest houses are made in the usual housing form for Eskimos – from snow, and decorated in the style of local northern peoples. The hotel has an outdoor pool with thermal water and a bar.


  • Airplane from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (one way) – to 24 000 rub.
  • Cost of space in the total 8-bed needle – 1000 rubles per day, Suite – 9000 rubles.


Avid fishermen even in New Year’s Eve I want to do your favorite thing.

Recreation centers where you can meet the new year for fishing, there are in the Moscow region. They are not difficult to find. Many have their own nurseries with different types of fish. Pay us only for caught. The price is determined by the weight of the fish.

On the territory of the base there is a small pond with equipped bridges. It dwells pike, trout, catfish, crucian and other fish. Essential fishing gear and equipment.

New Year – this is not only family sites at the festive table. If you are tired of everydayness and are ready for a small adventure, then begin to look for an interesting option, where you can not standard to celebrate the most important day in the year.

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Where to go for the new year in nature

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