Where to go for the new year at sea

New Year is always a miracle and change. We strive to meet him as much as possible and more fun in the hope that the whole next year will be the same joyful. One of the most original ways to spend the New Year’s Eve – on the beach, running out of the snowy Russia in the summer.


Winter – perfect time to visit the country of smiles.

The rainy season has already ended, and the spring 40-degree heat has not yet come.

Water in the sea warms up to + 28 ° C and even higher, so it will be possible to celebrate the new year right in the sea.

Beach recreation go On the Andaman coast: Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi. If you prefer cities with their clubs, shopping and stormy nightlife – then I advise Bangkok or Pattaya.

Thais are so loved by holidays that they have in the calendar of whole 3 new years – European, Chinese and Thai.

Our New Year’s Eve on December 31, Thais celebrate the same way, like all over the world – launch salutes, arrange a feast, decorate home garlands and having fun until the morning. At this time, you can go to any bar or staying at the hotel – most of them offer their New Year program.

How to go

Tickets: Moscow &# 8212; Bangkok – from 30 000 rubles per person in both directions (all prices I will point out in this format). The closer to the new year – the more expensive.

Accommodation: Room for two in the hotel 3-4 * begins from 2 000 rub per night. Apartment – from 1 500 rubles.

Visa: in Thailand it does not need to receive in advance. If the stay in the country does not exceed 30 days, it is put directly at the airport.

Weather: day about + 30 ° C, at night not lower + 20 ° C. Sea + 25-30 ° C.


Vietnam is not as popular as nearby Thailand. There is not so developed infrastructure and service, but its nature and the sea are no less beautiful, and the rest itself goes cheaper.

In the north of the country in the winter is relatively cool for Southeast Asia, and the sea can be a storm. Therefore, I recommend you to choose resorts in the south, for example, Fukuok Island. In Muin or Phanthet at this time, it is also warm, but there may be strong waves that will suit more soles than simple bathings.

Vietnamese New Year is celebrated at the end of January, so in December there is relatively quiet.

But without celebration there is something to do – diving, excursions by city and temple complexes, tasting of local exotic dishes.

Discover try soup from snakes instead of the traditional New Year Olivier?

How to go

Tickets: By Plane Moscow &# 8212; Hanoi stand from 35 000 rubles.

Accommodation: hotel from 1 000 rub, apartment from 2 000 rub.

Visa: For a trip, you do not need up to 15 days.

Weather: Air temperature is about + 30 ° C, water – up to + 28 ° C.


Winter in India velvet season. Comfortable weather attracts many travelers here on the winter holidays.

The most active rout In Goa – Country Center. On New Year all the beaches of the state are transformed into one big party where people from all over the world having fun, decorated with garlands of palm trees and jump over the fire. It is believed that in this way all the bad things that happened during the year, is burned in the fire.

If you prefer a more relaxing holiday, I advise neighboring state Kerala with calm beaches, pristine rainforests and comfortable hotels.

How to go

Tickets: Moscow &# 8212; Goa – from 40 000 rubles.

Accommodation: Hotels – from 1500 rubles, Apartment – from 1000 rubles.

Visa: our citizens to visit India require a visa. Contents can be online by paying $ 10 to $ 25 depending on the season.

Weather: air + 25-30 ° C, water + 26-28 ° C.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, known as Ceylon – an island nation in the Indian Ocean.

As in many tropical countries, where the winter high season – heat and little rain. Party-goers do almost nothing in the country – club culture is not developed in it, so I advise you to go to Sri Lanka, if you value a quiet and measured rest.

Unawatuna beach fit and for families with children. He is considered the safest in the country and one of the best in the world due to its calm waters, white sand and spectacular species.

Beaches Beruvella and Bentota – "mecca" for divers. There are beautiful coral reefs, home to moray eels and turtles.

How to go

Tickets: Moscow &# 8212; Colombo from 40 000 rubles.

Accommodation: small villa right by the beach can be found from 500 rubles, hotel room – from 1000 rubles.

Visa: you can pre-arrange a free electronic authorization to enter or to obtain a visa at the airport for $ 40.

Weather: hot day – about + 30 ° C, the sea is very warm – up to + 28 ° C. If you are looking for heat, you here.


I love Mexico for its unique blend of Spanish and Indian traditions.

This is manifested in the holiday customs.

On New Year Mexicans eat 12 grapes, like the Europeans and organize carnival processions in costumes, which would naturally looked to their ancestors, the Aztecs.

On New Year’s table a strange mixture of different cultures – especially advise you to try spicy pork stew and bakalao (Dried cod). Do not forget about the festive Shot of Tequila.

The main plus of the Mexican winter is its absence.

In most countries, tropical climate. Temperature never falls below + 20 ° C even at night. For the warm caribbean sea ride in Cancun or Riviera Maya.

Mexico Many are afraid, but readers of the DOROGI-NE-DOROGI.RU ride and enjoy a good rest.

How to go

Tickets: Moscow &# 8212; Cancun – from 70,000 rubles.

Accommodation: Hotel – from 2 000 rub, Apartment – from 1 000 USD

Visa: For a single entry into the country up to 180 days enough free electronic permission.

Weather: The water and air temperature keeps from + 25 ° C to + 30 ° C.

Hispanic country on the banks of the Caribbean with mild climates and exotic traditions.

The main festivities of Cuba are held in her capital Havana on the Revolution Square.

On January 1, Cubans celebrate not only the New Year, but also the triumph of the revolution – victory over the battery dictator.

So do not be surprised if the portraits of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro will be hung with garlands everywhere.

If you are attracted by a beach holiday, I advise you to go to the resorts Varadero or Santiago de Cuba. The latter is considered the musical capital of the island. Concerts are constantly held in Santiago, including open-air, and from any bar you can hear the sounds of salsa.

Despite the road, on the island itself everything is very cheap due to the unstable economy.

How to go

Tickets: In the New Year period, the price of tickets to Havana begin from 70,000 rubles.

Accommodation: Hotel – from 1 500 rubles, apartment – from 1 000 USD

Visa: not needed for staying on the island up to 30 days.

Weather: Air temperature to + 25 ° C, water – up to + 24 ° C.


If you want real exotic, visit this African volcanic island in the Indian Ocean.

On the island of completely fantastic landscapes, especially in Seven-color valley. She is named so due to the fact that the sand dunes in it are painted in all colors of the rainbow – red, green, purple.

On the island there are national parks with rare flora and fauna. And 330 km of sandy well-groomed beaches.

New Year on Mauritius I advise you to spend at the hotel. Most of them at this time are arranged a festive program with live music and plentiful feast.

How to go

Tickets: from 60 000 USD

Accommodation: Hotels – from 2 000 rub, Apartments – from 1 000 rub.

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Visa: not needed under the period of stay up to 90 days.

Weather: Air temperature warms up to + 23 ° C, water – up to + 22-26 ° C.

Where to go for the new year on the sea without a visa

It happens that the decision to go on a journey spontaneously comes to mind a few days before the holidays. And time to make a visa is already simply no.

In this case, I advise you to countries with a visa-free regime or with an affiliation of a visa on arrival:

    Where to go for the new year at sea
  • According to the our passport: Abkhazia.
  • By passport: Israel, Indonesia, Montenegro, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Morocco.

Where to go for the new year on the sea without a visa and cheap


Despite the absence of flights between our countries, many tourists love Egyptian resorts for price-quality ratio.

Good service, all inclusive hotels, always warm Red Sea – and all this for a lower price than in many other directions.

Egypt – then the direction where you do not need to ride yourself. Tours are cheaper. I advise you to track hot vouchers – sometimes it happens that the entire package along with the flight and the hotel is cheaper than only one flight if you book it yourself.

How to go

Tickets: Moscow – Hurghada – from 15 000 USD

Accommodation: Hotels – from 1 500 rubles, Apartments – from 1 000 USD

Visa: put on arrival for $ 25.

Weather: Air temperature About + 24 ° C, water-to + 25 ° C.


You can swim in winter in Israel, but not everywhere.

In total, the country has 3 seas: Mediterranean, dead and red. Behind the winter beach holiday need to go to the Red Sea – in Eilat.

Traditionally, Jews meet the New Year in September, and on December 31, only tourists and emigrants celebrate in the country.

So do not wait for massive festivities and christmas trees in the city center. But in many restaurants and clubs will still be a New Year program.

In Eilat, you can go diving, go on excursions to neighboring Jordan or Egypt, it is beneficial to be sent, because in the city of duty-free trade.

How to go

Tickets: Very cheap flights Moscow &# 8212; Eilat – from 13 000 USD

Accommodation: Hotels – from 3 000 rub, Apartments – from 1 000 USD

Visa: visa-free regime up to 90 days.

Weather: Air temperature + 24-27 ° C, water – up to + 22 ° C.

Where to fly to the sea with children

The most important thing for holidays with children is a stable climate, familiar food (not as in Thailand, where you rarely find something without tons of spices) and safety.

From the above countries, Sri Lanka and Turkey are suitable for these criteria (although the sea in winter in Turkey is still cool).

I also advise Canary Islands (Spain) for which I myself go every winter closer to the new year. Weather there all year round almost the same. In winter, air and water temperature is stable just above + 20 ° C.

You can safely swim on Tenerife and south Lanzarote – the sea is certainly not so roast, as in Asia, but normal. Children enjoy local water parks, Warns (especially the "Monkey Park", in which you can play with lemuras) and excursions in the island.

Just do not forget to take care of a Schengen visa in advance.

How to go

Tickets: Moscow &# 8212; Tenerife – from 14,000 rubles.

Accommodation: Hotels – from 3 000 rub, Apartment – from 1 500 rubles.

Wherever you gather, I wish you more sunny days and positive emotions.

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Where to go for the new year at sea

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