Where to go for a few days in Norway

Although Oslo is the capital and largest city, Bergen is actually It is the best choice, If you do only one stop. Bergen is known as "Gate to Fjords", which cover all the western coast of Norway. Old Harbor looks like a collection of stories, and within walking distance of most tourist hotels there are many historical attractions, as well as many restaurants and restaurants with a beautiful view.

Even the fastest visit will require a whole day to explore the heart of Bergen himself, and two days will be even better. After that, you can make one or more from the set of tours of the fjord on the boat or train. The cities of Norway deserve attention, but in fact the main reason for which it is worthwhile, &# 8211; see it Stunning landscapes, Unique for this part of the world.

Oslo Airport is much longer and loaded, and if you fly in one of the cheapest Norwegian Airlines flights, you will almost at first land in Oslo. Although it is not as charming, like Bergen, in the capital, too, a lot of interesting things, so it costs at least a couple of days, especially if you really want to feel like that "visited Norway".

Its location around the attractive harbor is excellent, and there are at least several key attractions that should be interested. Oslo was home to Edward Munka, whose (4 versions) "Creek" are among the most famous paintings on the planet. One of the versions is located in the special room of Edward Minka in the Oslo National Gallery, which otherwise filled with the best works of art ever created in the country. Another version is located in a separate museum of Mulk, which is obviously devoted to the most famous artist of Norway. In Oslo, there are many other museums and galleries, visiting which is available or for free.

Another important landmark &# 8211; Oslo Town Hall, where every December king of Norway hands Nobel Prize of Mira. There is also a free permanent exhibition on which all past winners are presented.

Where to go for a few days in Norway

The main attractiveness of Norway is her landscapes, not the city. "Norway in a nutshell" is a group of routes and tours, which demonstrate the best and most accessible parts of the fjord landscape in a well-organized form. The most popular routes are those that Connect Oslo and Bergen, What makes them the ideal way of movement between two main cities with better attractions.

Although these are "packages", in fact it is not excursions. For example, Norway in a nutshell, which comes from Oslo to Bergen, begins with Picturesque trip by train, Which will lead you to the exciting spirit of the Flome Railway, which will take you into a cruise along the fjord, and then to a magnificent bus trip, which will leave the railway station for a short and final transition to Bergen. The shortest package is a day trip between Oslo or Bergen or just a day trip, which begins and ends in Bergen.

There are guides that indicate the best sights of a cruise on the fjord and bus trips, but otherwise guests simply receive vouchers for all segments, and you can go on your own. There are also many other tours to choose from who attend other parts of Norway, but the tour between Oslo and Bergen is definitely The best acquaintance with the country, and it can be stretched to 3 or more days for those who have enough time.

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