Where to go fans of silence

Santorini fought with excessive tourism for many years, becoming a victim of one’s own success after the island, and the Greek government, sought to attract tourists back after an eight-year financial crisis. Now this idyllic destination has reached saturation points.

In the midst of a recent vacation cruise liners planted up to 15,000 travelers per day &# 8211; Most went to B And I to look at the famous sunsets or in the nearby City Fira overlooking volcanic Caldera Santorinand.

More genuine Greece &# 8211; the one that Santorini offered before the crowd &# 8211; You can find B Cycladic Harbor Tinos. With its charming sunsets and durable charm, this gem under the radar is an attractive alternative.

Two-hour ferry trip from Santorini and half an hour from Mykonos. Tinos &# 8211; casual in the most popular places of Greece. Calling to the study, Tinos littered with villages hidden inside the country to protect them from pirates, and an unusual network of the pigeon of the 18th century, located on the slopes of the hills and over ravines. Church Panagia Evangelistry In the capital of the country, the chore, built around, as they say, the wonderful icon is destination for pilgrims around the world.

Where Santorini boasts a volcano, Tinos with his mountain range and unusual rock formations is famous for clean white marble, which has been used since ancient times to build houses, arches, streets, churches and fountains.

In the center of the island is the otherworld Landscape Volax, covered with boulders, the height of some small buildings. In ancient Greece, Tinos was considered the house of Ealis, the wind king, which wandered around the mountains and cut out gigantic sculptures from dark granite. From the west of Tinos, there is a cliff, where you can find a beautiful green marble, which architects used for construction, for example, Louvre.

Studying other villages are an opportunity to try artichokes, capers, black noodles with squid and local cheeses, including Castellano, flavored with aromatic mastic, and kopanisti, acute local cheese.

Most beaches Tinos is more than in Santorini, and the sea is noticeably calmer that it may be a good reason for visiting lovers of a calm sea. By the night, sunsets in Tinos show all their beauty, providing an opportunity for contemplation without a crowd of tourists.

Netherlands: instead of Amsterdam &# 8211; Delft and Hague

View from the top of the winding, 376-speed stairs in Tower Delfta, Built in the 15th century, New Kerk, it is worth up. On a clear day, the view seems to cover all southern Holland: the horizon of Rotterdam, the port of Hague and Keknhoff.

Where to go fans of silence

Amsterdam – one of the most dense cities destroyed by tourists in Northern Europe. This is not surprisingly, in Amsterdam there is a cultural vacation like museums and active nightlife with many clubs and entertainment. The city remains one of the most popular, but many will be unhappy with such popularity, because often the crowds interfere with the real spirit of the city.

Last year, the city reminded his visitors how to lead themselves (and threatened with big fines to those who ignore warnings). In March, began to prohibit rounds around the Red Lights area, and since October last year, the Tourism Council stopped promoting Amsterdam and encourages visitors to visit other Dutch destinations.

Among these areas there are two, which can be easily combined: Delft and, about 10 miles from here, Hague, Residence of the Government of the Netherlands (as well as the Royal Dvor). Both are ideal for visitors who are looking for magnificent museums, canals, wild beaches of the North Sea &# 8211; And no crowd.
Medieval trading city surrounded by a channel of the Deft, in particular, the old town is surrounded. Smaller channels flow through the preserved old town. Delft serves mostly local residents and Dutch guests. However, tourists can go to the local antiques market.

For cultural lovers there Mauritzhys, The most famous museum of the city (it contains the original "girl with pearl earring", "Schegol" of Fabrichis and the impressive collection of paintings by Rembrandt) is located right next to Binnenhof, Medieval Royal Courtyard, Which is now the country’s government site, and partially open to visitors on excursions. Museum Gemeensemuseum known for his works of Nather Mondrian &# 8211; the world’s largest, as well as the works of Degas, Monet, Picasso and Van Gogh, among others. Escher Museum in Hat Paleis, Located next to the former building of the American Embassy, ​​offers a tour of the life and creativity of the artist.

The proposed travel destinations unambiguously find their tourists, possessing an unusual charm and tranquility. In search of peace, it is necessary to pay attention to the proposed routes, because this is a new experience, an unexplored and a lot of discoveries.

Where to go fans of silence

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