Where to go beyond the city from Munich

Alianz Arena – go out on the field, feel Ribery!

Alianz Arena Football Stadium Guide (Arena, Munich Alliance) manages to earn good money and at the time when there are no matches: there are excursions for everyone to read further →

Lariskinks | October 2012

Munich. Bavarian fairy tale

Good not without help "Good people" and to the cult beer – it really impresses. Everything was performed in purely Bavarian folk. Huge tables that stood in two rows, big chandeliers, scene with singing in national costumes. Read more →

Pump2 | September 2010

Prague – a fabulous city!

All my concerns were dispelled. The hotel is two steps from Karlova Bridge and I was afraid that it would be very noisy. Tourists are walking there and day and night. But, as the manager told me, the hotel was located on a quiet street, despite the fact that this is the heart of historical Prague! Read more →

Victor | June 2010

Ludwig Bavarian Castles – Dast East Schoon!!

In good weather here would go and walk. Even a multi-kilometer road to Linderhof, with the sunlight, it would be calmly done in the meadows, fields and groves. Rain, on the contrary, even a bus trip turned into torment – you sit in the warm salon and you grieve that soon I will have to get out and mock. But here you can not do anything – the status of the tourist obliges. Read more →

Vazlav | May 2009

Where to go beyond the city from Munich

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