Where to go beyond beautiful photos

The yards of the hometown, St. Isaac’s Cathedral from all sides or the carousel on Red Square, no one will not be surprised. It’s time to withdraw your instagram to a new level, and we will tell you where to go behind the top pictures – friends will be visible, and subscribers are attracting mouths.

No matter how cool, and mountain landscapes won! Everywhere it is impossible to visit, but here are some places, the way to which is already an adventure, which can be told to retirement. Time is now abuse (if you understand what I mean).

And at the end of the post you are waiting for a bonus.


Cappadokia (Kapadokya)

Look at the world under the legs, it is possible not only on the top of the mountain. The balloon is suitable for this too. And the best flight is waiting for you in Cappadocia.

How to get:

From Istanbul fly to Cayseri or Nevsehir, and from there by bus to Gorem. Bus ride takes time and about 200 rubles.



How to get:

Distance from Oslo to Neri-Fjord about 350 km, from Bergen two times less. Buses, trains and airplanes are departed from both cities towards Fjord, and ferries from Bergen.

Bus NOR-WAY BUSSEKSPRESS: Oslo and Bergen to Gudwangen village
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Train To Floma from Oslo, Bergen, Murdal

In the village of Gudwangen jumping on the ferry and forward! Yes, the path is not free, a lot of transfers, but when you see these beauties – the path passed will not be valid.

And to even more feel this place, rent a kayak and go to the independent swimming. Perhaps it will be sailing right under the rainbow!

Reinebringer (Reinebrgenen)

Not the highest point of the Lofoten Islands – only 450 meters. But it is from her, see what kind! At least a rock and looks inaccessible, a hour and a half will work.

How to get:

More convenient and faster by plane: Oslo &# 8211; B &# 8211; Svolvar (or Leknes). And from there by car to the Rhine. You can fly from Sweden.

The Lofoten Islands go and ferries from Bero to Moskines (closer to the city of Raine), but from there you have to get on the car.


Mountain Pizzol (Pizol)

Where to go beyond beautiful photos

Better Mountains can only be mountains. Or the unusual color of the lake – there are five of them there and you can have time to get around everything. And that’s what unusual: each lake has its own color.

How to get:

We are going to the town of Bad Ragats, it’s just an hour away by train from Zurich. The ticket costs from 1,000 rubles. Also on the train to the resort can be reached directly from Zurich or Geneva airport. But more expensive and longer.

Appenzell (Appenzell)

Small settlement in Switzerland Mountainside. City you will go beyond the day, and all the interesting lies beyond his borders. Go to the Lake Seealp (Seealpsee), climb on Ebenalp (Ebenalp) or visit the ruins of the Clanx Castle – the choice of big!

How to get:

Train route Zurich &# 8211; Appenzell with transplants. On the road 2-2.5 hours, the price from 2 000 rubles.


Rock Korshunov (Geierlay)

This is the longest rope suspension bridge in Germany. In the middle of the bridge you will receive or delight, or the adrenaline dose, because, well, high!

How to get:

Nearest city – Mursdorf. And before it can be reached from Frankfurt by train for almost 3 hours. Tickets Buy on the site of the country’s railways. But this is not a straight path, but with transfers. By train you will reach the city of Treis-Karden, and from there by taxi to Mursdorf.

Where to go beyond beautiful photos

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