Where to go autumn

Summer ends, but this is not a reason for sadness. In the fall across Europe and not only the mass of cultural events passes, if only it was time to have time to go everywhere. If you have not been on vacation, feel free to spend it to visit one or more events from our list. However, to fly, for example, to Germany or Denmark, there is no need to ask &# 8211; weekend will quite be enough.



Perfect choice for girls and families with children &# 8211; More than 700 Barbie cult dolls in luxurious Chanel, Dior dresses, D&G will appear to visitors at the exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Art.

Wine Festival on Montmartre

Every October in the Paris District, Montmartre is held a large-scale wine festival and celebrations in honor of the harvest collected. On the streets there are small markets with local products and tasting stands with better wine from a few acting Montmartra vineyards. Ends up a multi-day walking by parade and fireworks at Basilica Sacre-Ker.


Vienna Contemporary

This art fair has consistently opens up new names from Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, in parallel with the Fair, the organizers spend a series of exhibitions in the Vienna Gallery.


Notting Hill Carnival

If suddenly you will be in the capital of Great Britain on 28 or 29 August, you are incredibly lucky! Notting Hill Carnival is not inferior to Brazilian on entertainment and mass. Sequins, rhinestones and extravagant costumes can be left at home, but the dances remain in the program, as well as an excellent Food part of the program.

Frieze Art Fair

In addition to ideas and installations on an art fair there is something to see and music lovers and music &# 8211; At Frieze Film and Frieze Music sites, you can find a lot of interesting things.


Jazz Brugge

Where to go autumn

Here you can go to the bottom, and they obviously not be bored &# 8211; Already the fourteenth year in a row in Brugge will be held the Festival of Jazz Music. His main difference from all other such festivals &# 8211; emphasis here is made on the European jazz, and not on the American.


Night of Culture

Despite the fact that Copenhagen is consistently among the top ten most expensive cities in Europe, in the autumn here you can fly for very little money. In October, the night of culture passes here – it’s like our night museums, only many times large. For one evening (from 18:00 and until midnight), the doors open the majority of Copenhagen’s cultural institutions, light show, parades are held throughout the city, the artists of all strings are acting on the streets – from dancers and musicians to Street Art Artists. And here you can already choose, arrange a tour of the classic museums, explore local cathedrals (in some of them, this night will arrange classic fear rooms, which are in amusement parks) or go to one of the most vivid events of the holiday – the evening of contemporary art at the Overgaden Institute where young artists will arrange audiovisual performances.



This is a modern pop-up exhibition of photographs in a picturesque Brooklyn-Bridge Park. The space at the Brooklyn Pier is overfeeding dozens of cargo containers, in which, in fact, the works of young photographers from all over the world. In parallel with the exposition on PHOTOVILLE, workshops are held, lectures, parties, as well as in the evenings, arrange light projection. Immediately faces Food Tracks with the best street food of Brooklyn, where they pour a drink, and the embankment opens a good view of the main downtown skyscrapers.

New Delhi

Festival of Lights Diwali &# 8211; One of the most important holidays in India, symbolizing the celebration of good, victory of all the brightest and kind on dark and cruel. It is celebrated within 5 days, and this is the best moment to see Delhi in a festive illumination, which in the city during the holiday everywhere. This year is celebrated from October 29.

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