Where to go and what to see "temperamental" personalities

Each country — their «Hobs». Choosing from hundreds of directions, you can rely on the features close to you in spirit — and survive an unforgettable adventure. Learn the country and plunder to look into yourself. Encounter fears and successfully overcome them in a comfortable setting for themselves, or challenge fate.

Types of temperament, depending on the prevalence in the body of one of the juices, first allocated hippocrat. Upbringing, lifestyle, like the master, form from «clay» —«initial material» A new form, but practice shows that individual features of psyche, reaction speeds, signs «prevailing juice» constant.

Essentials and needs for everyone are different, so for each type of temperament in the article indicated several directions.


Choleric — Bright people with an expressive character. They are hot-tempered, emotions are often dominated over active actions, a strong nervous system helps to quickly navigate in an unusual situation, but it is difficult for them to adapt to rapidly changing situations, people behavior. They are persistent, are intertwined in aspirations and interests, among them a lot of extroverts, leaders.

Holerian travelers conquer mountain peaks and unexplored lands, appreciate the active leisure and adventures, but quickly depleted. Therefore, they are important comfort, service and rest.

According to preferences, they will be interested in:

  1. Research of incomplete lands (tours on the North Pole, in the Arctic, including a trip to the icebreaker).
  2. Diving and observation of exotic Fishes of Asia (Malaysia).
  3. Surfing and volcanoes in Indonesia, Mexico.
  4. Coral reefs and unique animals in Australia.
  5. Where to go and what to see
  6. The descent from the Niagara River on the border of America and Canada.
  7. The openness of the Italians. Varied and delicious cuisine, the high concentration of vintage wines and works of art in Italy, the swiftness of the inhabitants of the southern part of the country.
  8. Mountain slopes of the Eastern Alps of Austria or Russia («beaver Log» Krasnoyarsk, «Rosa Khutor» Sochi).
  9. Underground rivers, turquoise bay, sea lions and the uninhabited islands of the Philippines.
  10. Safari Kenya National Park, Tanzania, Uganda — in them the greatest diversity of inhabitants.
  11. Competition in speed with Fortune Las Vegas. There you can bungee jump off a 84-storey building.
  12. Surrealism in the desert. City Burning Man festival in Nevada erected annually.
  13. Disneyland and Universal parks in Orlando. Universal — a complex of three parks, between which runs the Hogwarts Express.


Dozens of kilometers of route — lot sanguine. Energy, efficiency and high threshold combine them with the ability to quickly focus, if desired — keep feelings and reactions. sanguine — extroverts. They quickly get used to new people, more flexible than the choleric, adapt to rapidly changing conditions, easier to make contact. External impressions are interested in them more than reflection and soul-searching. Interests and feelings change as rapidly as life around them. While traveling, they are more disciplined, resourceful and hardy.

  1. Conquest Elbrus and Beluha (Altai) with mountain rivers, mountains iridescent passes and the path.
  2. Polar bottom Plutorana with the study of life of inhabitants of Chukotka, lakes and waterfalls of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, watching the drifting ice, seals, polar bears.
  3. Trip to Saguaro cactus forest (south of Arizona, in bloom from April to June), the Grand Canyon (north of Arizona) or Copper Canyon, Mexico.
  4. Lost Cities, ceremonial centers of the Toltecs, Aztecs, Mayans Peru, Ecuador.
  5. Visits to national parks Mexico (Jaguar, over 50 types of hummingbirds, pelicans, the oldest tree in the world and the world’s smallest volcano in the world), Africa (antopheal movements, crossing the Kenya River) and Malaysia (bats, pines with huge needles, trees Man-in-grip, caves).
  6. Brazil and Venice Carnivals.
  7. Dried vessels, marine national park, humpback whales, city of artists, festival Meling (end of July-beginning of August), Bachats, Salsa Dominican Republic.
  8. Surfing in Hawaii, Canary Islands, Bali.
  9. Bright and changeable India, in which 30 of the 33 UNESCO objects are.
  10. Valley Geysers, Vulcanarium and Black Khalaktyrsky Beach Kamchatka.
  11. Combined Europa Tours through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy.
  12. Trekking on ice Baikal or travel around the circular bike railway on a visit to Olkhon Island.
  13. Pharaoh valleys, pyramids, underground architectural complexes, coral reefs and immersion in 100 meter «Blue hole» in Egypt.
  14. Super trees, combination of religions and Hi-Tech, skyscrapers, light show, clubs and places for shopping with Indian, Chinese quarters of Singapore


Phlegmatic Stable and balanced. They slowly rebuild, alien to new, patient and energetic in work. For them, immersion in the inner world and the possibility «Craise» process. Calm and judicial, phlegmatics peace-loving, non-conflict, can remain calm in panic or universal fun, but it is difficult to converge with people, so they will feel good:

  1. At the Sea Resorts of Cyprus (Paphos, Larnaca), Greece (Crete, Egygin Island, Ios, Corfu, Santorini), Spain (Cantabria, Andalusia, Costa del Sol) — They are combined openness, sea, sun, slowness and preserved history.
  2. In National Parks, Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, Bako in Malaysia — Tropical forests with small cozy beaches, cliffs, sunsets, which previously met in films, but seemed to computer graphics. In Guiana (South America) — National Reserve Amana — Place of birth and growing marine turtles.
  3. In the coniferous forests of Finland, Karelia, Arkhangelsk region. National Park «Onega Pomorie», Aland Islands and Lake Lake — For fans of fishing, Panaarvi Park — For relaxation Ot «Good» civilization.
  4. At Solovetsky Islands, Valaam, Jordan (in the archaeological stone city of Peter, Lunar Valley, on the Dead Sea).
  5. Among the fjords of Norway, passing by «Stairs trolls» or admiring the northern lights in Lapland.
  6. In a village with peat roofs, at the foot of the waterfalls, on hot springs of Iceland.
  7. In conservative England. In addition to Victorian castles, the oldest universities and sounds of Village Edinburgh, the country is famous for the punctuality and courtesy of residents, Stonehgram, the Paleontological coast of Dorsetshire, department store «Harrods».
  8. In the reserve Utrisch. Anapa district combines the foothills of the Caucasus, the ancient forests, which preserved ancient animals, birds and several types of accommodation — from «Official» Hotels to closed tent parking.
  9. In the Czech Republic. Residents of the country are brought up, and therefore calm, intelligent, restrained, are not prone to unnecessary. Famous-visited places of the country — Legendary castles of feudalists (somewhere live ghosts, somewhere fresh memories of knightly tournaments), healing resorts, city museum Prague (old center — In the Heritage list of UNESCO).
  10. In the middle of the mountains, glaciers, turquoise lakes, cozy towns of the Banff Reserve, not far from the migration route of Vancouver Island, in the centers of the historical heritage of France of Old Quebec and Montreal — In Canada.


Highly sensitive Melancholic tend to think and worry. Uncertainty, low energy forcing him to lower his hands at the slightest difficulties. Melancholics are intravert, wounds, inconspicuous, are inexpressive, prone to depression. At the same time, in situations of real disasters, they behave rational «ordinary» people, as smart and see the essence of things. They need a relaxing holiday, creative approach, comfort and emotional support. For travels are suitable:

  1. New Zealand. Developed cities, 2 hours from which — Snow covered mountains, forests, sparkling caves, hot springs and live frames «Lord of the Rings». New Zealanders — Milestly people on earth with which you feel at home.
  2. Japan — Volcanic lakes, bamboo groves, peaceful place near Koya-san Mountain, Sakura flowers and landscaping of life (in everything other than free space).
  3. Serbia — Ancient fortresses, antique shops, Orthodox center of 16 monasteries, inventions of Tesla, created for the film «Life like a miracle» and saved drvewgerad, «comfort zone» — Serbs — Slavs and in relation to the ours are customized friendly.
  4. Croatia — The smallest city of the world, in which the attractions are more than residents, the musical embankment of the task, the emerald lakes, waterfalls and the ancient forests with pointers every five steps (Plitvice Park), wooden toys made in an ancient way in Khrvat Zagor.
  5. Montenegro. Adriatic Sea, «blooming» Window towns, quiet Petrovac (sandy beaches, Roman floral mosaic III century), Becici and Rafailovichi (cozy coastal villages near the vintage city of Budva), Mountain City of the National Park «Biogradskaya mountain».
  6. Malta — Preserved scenery of ancient Rome, stony bays, blue lagoon with white bottom, rock trails, salted lake and more than 200 species of birds Reserve Adir.
  7. Switzerland — Residence among the Alps and therapeutic sources with mineral water, «Golden pass» Near Geneva Lake and Vintage Bern, «local» Notirdam Lausanne and Terraced Vineyards.
  8. Austria —Mozart and unchanged musical festivals of Salzburg and Vienna, Opera, Epoch of knights, famous strudel and «San», Toy Halstatt with perfect alpine landscapes.
  9. Malaysia — One of the safe countries of Southeast Asia is generally friendly to tourists (the danger recently moved immigrants). Single-of-a-kind platives, animals, Park of butterflies, Fireflies of Selangora, Ethno-Village, Rained caves, the opportunity to get acquainted with cultures of India, China, to visit the height view of the 100-storey house.
  10. Portugal — Residence kings with swans and tracks, covered flower petals, beaches: Golden Canta Maria, White Adraga, Quiet and Warm Portinho-Da Arrabid, Madeira Volcanic Pools, «Venice» (Aveiru) with channels, lagunies, approaching homes, the merger of the river and ocean (beach Odessa).

In whatever country you went, it will open for you in a special — On the same street / coast, everyone will see his.

And, as Patebek wrote: «All trip, expedition … There is an in itself other than all other. Each has its own face, its own, temperament, they are unique».

Where to go and what to see

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