Where to go and what to see in Bulgaria. From fashionable resorts to the rock monastery

The exciting mountains, beaches untouched by tourists, lively cities – the main beauty that attract tourists to the trip to Bulgaria. Here travelers expect beautifulyou beaches and ski resorts, Exciting Spirit. Those who are interested in history are expecting here Orthodox churches and objects of the Byzantine heritage.

A small description of this country

Beautiful country is located in Eastern Europe and washed in the east Black Sea. The country is covered with dense forests and extended rivers, and through the country pass Balkan Mountains. Climate practically no different from our, the same Cold Winter and Hot Summer. But the beach season lasts a little longer – until the middle of autumn, because Climate on the Black Sea coast K Mediterranean.

Where to go in this country?

If the tourist is not a lover of staying in one place, he is waiting for a number of beautiful cities that can be remembered forever:

Great Tyrnovo. Once this city was Capital of Bulgaria, But now this is the first of the list of cities of this country, which should be visited certainly. This city is also located Preobrazhensky monastery Under the climbing rocks. Historians here can find a lot of interesting information IX century;

Cape Kaliakra. On the territory of Cape are located Fortresses and obeliski, You can find household items Ancient Rome and Greece. And, of course, the most beautiful Photos of sunflowers can be done on the way to this mission;

Village Arbanasi &# 8211; Located, not far from the city Veliko-Tyrnovo, It is famous for a rich history and A lot of churches. Located here Monastery of St. Nicholas Wonderworker;

• Pleasant and impressionable Soopol. This place is considered City of Romantics and connoisseurs of history. Here there is an opportunity to see how and Ancient places, so I modern facilities. Almost everything from 4 thousand inhabitants, can talk on in our;

VarnaTourist and sea capital of the country, recognized by one of the most famous Black Sea Resorts in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. To know better Culture Bulgaria, need to come to this city. But there is one nuance – Prices here are higher, than in other cities of the country;


One of the main travel purposes is View Country attractions, which are quite a large number in Bulgaria:

Where to go and what to see in Bulgaria. From fashionable resorts to the rock monastery

• The largest and most ancient monastery in the country – Ril monastery. Submitting a variety of attacks and robberies from the Turks, the monastery stood and can show his heritage in our time. He was listed in List of UNESCO World Heritage List, that further emphasizes his importance. In this place you can get from Sofia, Visiting a tour of the country;

• For fans of ski and skiing exists Resort Bansko. By itself, Bansko is Mountain descend with incredible speed. But not only ski sports is famous for this place. There is also an opportunity to try National Kitchen Bulgaria in local cafes and restaurants;

Pirin – National Park in the Mountains. Suitable for lovers of nature and animal world. Pedestrian trails make it possible to climb height more than 3000 meters. Also tourists await beautiful views on Many lakes;

Valley Roses – place, fully seated with roses. In the summer in the valley, a pleasant fragrance, from which you can go crazy. Most of the roses goes to manufacture Cosmetics and Rose Oil;

Fortress Tsarevets – an old place located in Tarnovo. Fortress is located on the hill, in the heart of the city. The most amazing and beautiful building of the fortress is Palace Patriarchate, which forms the main silhouette of the sights.

Bulgaria will always find a place for curious tourists. Here is I the mountains, and Amazing places, and Exciting cities. There is everything for an avid traveler and a novice in this matter.

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