Where to fold manual sting? Bag, backpack and handmade suitcase

Those who are only going to their first flight often asks a question that can be taken as hand-made? Will a suitcase or backpack miss the aircraft?

In manual sting you can take anything, a regular package from the store, a suitcase with wheels and without, backpack, sports bag and T.NS. The main thing is that your hand-made stall meet two requirements &# 8211; permissible sizes and weight of the airline you fly.

Each carrier establishes its own rules, unfortunately, they are not united and you will have to clarify them on the site or by calling the airline call center.

Dimensions of handbag bags in 99% of cases are the same in all and make up 115 cm in the sum of three dimensions or 55 x 40 x 20 cm. With weight, the dispersion is usually from 5 to 10 kg, but in the overwhelming majority of cases it is 7 kg.

Most oddities and differences on low cost airlines. For example, Losucest EasyJet has as many as two permissible hand-made sized.

  • Maximum size &# 8211; 56 x 45 x 25 cm, t.E. Bag / suitcase with such dimensions they will be taken to manual sting, but they cannot guarantee that it will fly with you in the cabin, if there is little space, it can put it in the luggage compartment.
  • And the second size &# 8211; 50 x 40 x 20 cm, guarantees that such manual stall will fly on the shelf above you or under the seat in front of the seated passenger.

What is surprising, it is probably the only airline that does not limit the weight of the hand bag. You can take a suitcase of any weight into the salon, the main requirement &# 8211; You yourself, without any assistance, should carry it and throw on the luggage shelf on the plane.

Hand-made suitcase

A hand-made suitcase can be both plastic (hard) and soft, fabric. Plastic is more reliable, but it is necessary to choose it in the literal sense with the ruler, t.To. When deviating from permissible dimensions (55 x 40 x 20 cm), it will not climb into a special frame and a suitcase will have to pass into baggage. In this case, the general dimensions need to turn on the handles and wheels of the suitcase.

Where to fold manual staging bag, backpack and handmade suitcase

With a soft suitcase a little simpler, t.To. Having attached a little effort to try to shove into the frame.


Bag can be absolutely any, most importantly, again the size in the filled state. On registration or when landing in a plane no one to measure your manual laying with a ruler will not be, the main thing is that it fits into the frame.

Bags-carts are also skipped into the salon, but a separate cart and bag can not be transported. The bag will go with you in the cabin, and the trolley will have to pass into the luggage.

Backpack in manual sting

It is the most convenient to take a handbook backpack, it is soft, spacious and convenient to carry it with you. When choosing a backpack, also pay attention to the size, its height must be no more than 55 cm. Many backpacks are equipped on sides with special leaf straps, it is an excellent functionality that will allow you to fit your manual laying under the permissible dimensions.

Many manufacturers produce special backpacks for hand-made bags, so you definitely do not make sure of size. Most often, the maximum volume of the suitable backpack is 44 liters.

If you are only planning to buy a bag, a suitcase or a handpack for manual bag Check not only dimensions, but also the weight. Half allowable weight for hand-made bags can eat your suitcase.

The weight of the backpacks varies from 1-1.5 kg, but there are instances weighing and up to 1 kg, this is an excellent option.

The suitcase weighs more, about 2-3.5 kg. If the weight of hand-made 5 kg, then take the suitcase unprofitable. You can say, we are lucky just a suitcase, t.To. with weight of 3.5 kg, your things there will be only 1.5 kg.

Where to fold manual staging bag, backpack and handmade suitcase

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