Where to fly to the May 2021?

This spring, we have much more options for leisure directions to the May holidays. We were asked for our analysts, much more bought tickets from the beginning of the year, and the results turned out interesting. There are even foreign options, we advise you to look at them too.


Maximum unexpected travel option – Northern Macedonia. The country has not yet been revealed truly in the tourist plan, but how lucky those who have already been there. Tourists a little, and the country is no worse than the usual Europe. We know how to spend time in Macedonia, so that you want to go there even your friends. Told in detail about it here>>>

Rules of entry

For ours there is no quarantine and the certificate is also not needed. There are still some restrictions in the country, but they will not prevent your holiday.


Weather in Egypt in May already seeks 30 degrees, the sea is also warm. Therefore, boldly go to the resorts, warm the bones after a tedious winter.

Rules of entry

At the entrance it is necessary to provide a PCR test in English or Arabic, made 72 hours before departure, and fill out a health declaration. 72 hours counts from the moment of taking the material.

At the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh also require QR code, which leads to a laboratory site with information about the client. Arriving in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Marsa Alam and taboo passengers without reference can pass a PCR test for 30 dollars at the airport, but in Cairo testing there is no. Can also check the availability of insure with a COVID-coating.

Children under 6 years old test is not needed. When transit, the test can check if it is required in the destination country. No quarantine, Visa in Cairo costs $ 25, in Sinai Viza, the ours are not required until the end of April.


But still tickets in Russia purchased more, which means that while ours are not strong abroad. And here’s what popular options for recreation chose compatriots.


And it is not surprising. Not only is it a beautiful, landscaped and multifaceted city, yes even recently he became the gastronomic capital of Russia ! We have a couple of articles, How to spend the weekend in Kazan and what to eat so that the memories of taste did not give rest even on the way home.

Yes, and the weather in May is already good – about 20 degrees, which means that it’s time to walk, but to snack on summer terraces cafe.


Who really want to in Europe, this stop will be like a breath of air. At your service +18 degrees of heat, the Baltic Sea and the beautiful city. We even have instructions, how to spend time and where to walk .

Where to fly to the May 2021

Mineral water

How long have you been in the mountains? Mineral waters are a kind of gate to the Caucasus. Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk – the most popular cities. From here, carry on excursions to Elbrus, Dombay, in the Valley of Arkhyz and in other destinations. Such an active rest for the first May Day – the best thing that can happen to you.

The weather in the Caucasus is already good, the climate is soft, the air is fresh. And if the mountains are not very interested in you, go to the mineral resorts. Soar in a raising source, cheer up with healing mud, relax on the massage – the best decimal change.


Also a good option to change the background and reboot from working tasks, stuffy people, unload the head and gain new impressions. If you do not have special plans for the sea or sealing, this city will fit and shelted.

In May, there are already about 22 degrees of heat, so take light things, walk along don and boldly try the local ice cream. Say zoo there is a healthy and botanical garden. And how many parks are at least at any picnic arrange.


And this option for those in general dreams to hide in the arms of nature from the stone jungle. But here without a car can not do, so you have to rent. And where to go on it we were told here .

St. Petersburg

If the tracking in nature is not very interested, but I just want to change city scenery, then welcome to the Northern Capital of Russia – St. Petersburg. In the city, bridges are already bred, so if you have not yet seen this – it is clear about to go. Also, there are many other interesting places: Sevkabel port, a cluster of New Holland and floors with a roof exit, street and modern art museums, a 300th anniversary Park overlooking the Lakhta Center and a new stadium &# 8220; Zenit Arena&# 8221;. And very nearby – about two hours of driving – Vyborg city. There you can walk on the old town and ride a boat around the Vyborg Castle.

Where to fly to the May 2021

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