Where to fly to lovers of science in Europe

Visiting new countries inevitably recognition of new information, sometimes about attractions, sometimes about the culture of cities and countries. But you can find out something more complex – scientific. Lovers of science can also find unforgettable places to visit, combining pleasant with useful.

Northern Lights, Spitsbergen, Norway

So, you can not just see the Northern Lights in Norway. They can be seen in Iceland, Finland and not only. But this should see every lover of science. The biggest and most fantastic light show created by nature, changing color, depending on the gases in the atmosphere.

Mid-Atlantic Range, Iceland

As if you need another reason to visit Iceland. Along with the fact that the ridge is a pearl for more information about glaciers, geysers and thermal sources, nowhere in Europe, the land does not turn under their feet as in Iceland. The country is divided into two parts by the Mid-Atlantic Range, which means that it covers Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. In Iceland, you can learn a lot about science, as well as about walking between North America and Europe.

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Here it is The Large Hadron Collider &# 8211; The largest and most powerful accelerator of particles in the world. In Cern, you can plunge into what happens at the forefront of physics, and see the scale of engineering developments and technologies necessary to help scientists answer some of the world’s largest issues, such as "What are the main building blocks of matter?"And" how the universe began?". It was here that was discovered Higgs boson Among many other discoveries.

Museum of Mary Curie, Warsaw, Poland

Marie Curie. The name of one of the most famous women scientists of all time. Polish physicist and chemist won not one, but two Nobel Prizes and behaved research of radioactivity. This museum is dedicated to her life and work here you can learn a lot about it and its discoveries.

Where to fly to lovers of science in Europe

Cite de L&# 8217; Espace, Toulouse, France

Attraction for cosmic topics. Park, where you can visit the planetarium and many other interactive exhibits, for example, a dispatching layout next to the Ariane 5 model, which allows visitors to prepare the launch of the rocket, help with its flight, and then remove the satellite into orbit. Perfect day trip for any beginner cosmonauts.


A completely unique museum dedicated to the human anatomy, and the world’s only exhibition based on the donor program. More than 200 anatomical samples of real human bodies show the complexity, stability and vulnerability of the body. They show how organs work, and the influence of common diseases. Great place for lovers of anatomy and biology.

Such places for science lovers can be offered bright and filled with new knowledge.

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