Where to fly on weekends without a visa? Part 2: Montenegro

To fly to Montenegro only 3 hours, and if you buy tickets in advance, you can find quite inexpensive options for direct flights from Moscow.

Regular flights from Russia to Tivat Airport and Podgorica. But in relation to the coastal resorts, Tivat is much closer. In the summer you can buy tickets to Tivat and charter flights.

The road from the airport to the main resorts will take from 10 to 40 minutes. It is most convenient to get a taxi. In Montenegro, it is inexpensive, but if you want to save, then you have a regular buses that go quite often.


Medieval cities in the coast of the Adriatic Sea Great place for romantic weekends. Since 1979, the old part of the city is protected by UNESCO.

Do not miss a wonderful chance to live in one of the historic buildings. For example, at the Hippocampus Hotel, which is located in an old renovated building of the XVII century.

Most accommodation options in Montenegro &# 8211; These are small family villas and apartments. In the autumn prices begin from 40 euros for double room.

There are hostels here, such as Old City Hostel, which is also located in an old building in the historic center of the city.

Sveti Stefan

Main landmark of the spa town Sveti Stefan &# 8211; Sveti Stephen is the same name, which is rightfully considered to be a business card of Montenegro.

Unfortunately, the island itself is not easy, t.To. The hotel is covered by the hotel, and after the recent restoration, excursion groups on its territory began to stop, hope that temporarily.

Please note that Montenegro is a mountainous country, so even if in the description of the apartment it is written that they are just 300 meters from the sea, keep in mind that it is 300 meters up in grief.

The resort rose around the island, so the mainland most villas new.

Closer to the sea are located Apartments Lungo Mare, Lux Apartments and inexpensive Apartments Maslin.


Just 10 km from Sveti Stefan is one of the most popular Montenegro resorts &# 8211; Budva, one of the most ancient cities of the Adriatic. The old part of the city has been more than 2500 years.

The main attraction of old Budva is a medieval citadel. With its fortress wall opens a breathtaking view of the bay.

There are many medieval buildings and ancient churches, the most famous &# 8211; Church of St. John, Holy Trinity, Saint Sava and St. Mary.

In the heart of the old Budva, the Hostel Montenegro Hostel Budva is located. Convenient to the beach and the city center is located Hotel Oaza. If you appreciate comfort, then Hotel Avala Resort & Villas will not leave you indifferent. The complex is located literally on the shore on the outskirts of the Old Town.

Currency and money

Where to fly on weekends without a visa Part 2 Montenegro

Basic currency Montenegro &# 8211; euro, so before the trip, change all or at least most of the money on the euro. In the resort, money can be exchanged only in banks, and they are not at every step.

With a payment card Visa or Master Card, as a rule, there are no problems either, ATMs meet often.

Kitchen Montenegro

Problems &# 8220; where to eat?&# 8221; there is no. You can safely go to any cafe or restaurant. Especially many of them on the embankment. Prices in Montenegro are not as high as in Europe, but the portions are very large. Specify the approximate weight or portion size in advance, many dishes can be divided into two.

Especially good in Montenegro Fish dishes and seafood.

Keep in mind&# 8230;

Montenegro Peaceful and Pretty Safe Country, but in resort cities and villages a lot of pockets and small vorays. Therefore, do not leave money, bags and cameras unattended.

Another danger that lies towards tourists &# 8211; Sea hedgehog. In Montenegro, there are quite a lot of them, so swimming in the sea, be sure to look under your feet. Water here is very clean, not difficult to see them.

Visa regime

our citizens who go to Montenegro for up to 30 days, the visa is not needed. For the border crossing only passport.

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