Where to fly on vacation in the spring: holidays abroad

Sometimes for travel you need a reason or some holiday that you will not meet in the native expanses. Therefore, we collected the most interesting spring holidays abroad, where you can and need to spend time.


The most interesting starts from April: 18 and 19 numbers will be held Easter guys. April 18 in the city of LronTados will be the Easter Rocket War Rukete. This is a game in which two churches firing each other with petardes with darkness. The main goal is to get to the opponent’s bell. But on April 19, the eggs are everywhere and enjoy the cureca – this is such an Easter sweet bread.

May 1 in the country celebrates the day of colors – this is when people are arranged in the villages on a picnic and patiently weave wreaths. Good alternative direction to May holidays. And closer to the end of May, in 20-23 numbers, in the village of Ayia Eleni go barefoot on coals. Want to look at it?


In the homeland of Baha and so do not bother, but there are a couple of holidays that are caught looking. For example, Valpurgiyev night takes place on the night of April 30 on May 1 in the city of Harz. Imagine fires, witches, muddy evil, magical rituals, and all this night on the mountain!

And literally in a month, from May 31 to June 1, another dark event is the Gothic Music Festival! Hundreds of gothic music corsets and black cylinders gather in Leipzig, listen to their favorite music, suite picnics and even lead excursions in cemeteries.


That’s where you know how to have fun even without holidays! In this country, even a toast is a whole art that we can talk about folk festards, and Spring is rich for holidays. March 20 Georgians celebrate Novruz – Spring holiday and the beginning of the New Year on Astronomical Sunny Calendar. Is it worth saying that he is noted with a scope?

April 15 in the country celebrate the day of love, and 19 comes Easter time. By the way, in the spring in Georgia, the holiday almost every week, but besides others, we recommend also to be in the country for Independence Day – May 26. Holiday is ubiquitous, but the coolest is waiting in the capital: festivities, concerts, perhaps even a festive salute will thunder.


Spaniards love carnivals and costumed walkings. The first spring event starts on March 15 and will last 4 days. This is a feast of Fallas Fallas in Valencia. In addition to street processions, it is accompanied by fiery fireworks and parade of puppets, bright and beautiful, made specifically to the festival. And on the night of March 19, an extraordinary pyrotechnic show awaits you!

From April 5 to April 12 there will be another party – Seman Santa, this is a carnival in honor of the passionate week. It is best to look at the colorful procession in Madrid or Seville. They pass from the church to the Church and are "revived icons" with figures of religious characters. All this goes under church music, even live. It will be beautiful even those who are neutral about religion.

But do not rush to leave Madrid. May 14-17, there will be a corrida in the Las Ventas arena.

Where to fly on vacation in the spring holidays abroad


If you were in Italy, but did not have time to visit Tuscany, then here’s a reason. March 22 there will be races on donks. This is a very funny sight, as donks slightly stubborn. But the event is mass, so come on this day in Torrita di Syen town. In addition to the rake there, you can also look at the falcon hunt, try on an unimaginable costume and participate in the parade, as well as buy unusual souvenirs.

April 19-22 in Verona will host the most large-scale Vinitaly wine fair. As you understand, wines from all regions of Italy are exhibited. This is a unique opportunity to try drinks that do not leave your little rustic winery and are not sold abroad Italy.


Here on March 10, the most colorful holiday will be held – the festival of paints Holi! All you need with you have: clothes, which is not a pity, a few bags of colorful powder and a water gun. A simple scheme: Throw the powder to whom you want, watering it with water and so to darkness, and even under the music!

If you are going to another country, see whether there are interesting holidays there to finally decide on the dates.

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