Where to fly on a380?

Airbus A380 is currently considered not only the largest (accommodates up to 853 passengers) liner in the world, but also the most comfortable.

Noise level, compared with other aircraft, in the A380 salon is reduced by 50%, in addition to the aircraft, a higher air pressure is maintained. These improvements contribute to a decrease in passenger fatigue when traveling.

As a rule, the second floor of the aircraft occupies the first and business classes.

Each passenger has a spacious place, which is folded into the bed, for convenience, passengers are issued by mattresses.

Everyone has its own refrigerator with soft drinks and entertainment media system.

In the tail of the aircraft there is a bar with free hot and soft drinks and snacks,

as well as two spacious shower cabins!

Economic class at A380 is more spacious than competitors. When laying 10 chairs in a row, the width of the chair is 48 cm, the step between the rows of the chairs is also increased.

Unfortunately, in Russia A380 does not fly. At the reception of this type of aircraft, only two airports are certified: Domodedovo (Moscow) and Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk). But you can freely buy a flight with a transfer, where the second flight segment is performed on the A380 liner.

Currently, A380 aircraft consist in a park of 6 airlines:

Where to fly on a380
  • Singapore Airlines Routes from Singapore to Sydney, London (Heathrow), Paris (Charles de Gaulle), Tokyo (Narita), Zurich, Melbourne, Gong Kong, Frankfurt, Los Angeles.
  • Qantas Airways Routes from Sydney to Los Angeles, from Sydney through Singapore to London, from Melbourne to Los Angeles and London (through Singapore).
  • Emirates Airlines On Routes from Dubai to London, Manchester, Bangkok, Toronto, Paris, Seoul, Beijing, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Jeddu, Hong Kong and New York, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Rome, Munich, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Air France On the route from Paris to New York, Johannesburg, San Francisco, Tokyo, Montreal, Washington.
  • Lufthansa Routes from Frankfurt to Johannesburg, Tokyo and Beijing.
  • Korean Air Routes from Seoul to New York.

From the point of view of the our passenger, the least attractive routes of the Australian Airlines Qantas Airways, T.To. Flights are made from Melbourne and Sydney to London and Los Angeles, landing in Singapore. Australia is too far from us, and it is hardly justified to get to London or, especially before Los Angeles.

For flights to Australia, you can use Qantas Airways in the Singapore-Australia segment, but for this direction more rational flights are Singapore Airlines. This airline flies not only to Australia, but also in a number of European cities, such as London, Paris and Zurich. It is quite possible to fly to Singapore to A380 with a change in one of the listed European cities, but I will not be able to get to them internal flights Singapore Airlines, and for the first segment of the flight you will have to use the services of other airlines.

Air France and Lufthansa flights are much greater interest in our passengers. On flights Air France, you can fly from Paris to New York or Johannesburg to A380, and to get to Paris from Moscow on the flight AIR FRANCE. Lufthansa airlines fly to Johannesburg.

The widest network of routes for our passengers offers Dubai airline Emirates. This is due, firstly, with the fact that Emirates has the largest Park A380, secondly, with the favorable geographical position of Dubai. It is thanks to such geography, many A380 flights are optimal when flying from Moscow both to the West and East.

As for the possibility of flights of A380 to Moscow, the most probabilistic pioneer will be the emirates.

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