Where to fly on weekends without a visa? Part 1: Minsk, Kyiv, Lviv

From today we open a series of posts &# 8211; where you can fly on weekends without a visa. Every week, we will tell you about 2-3 cities.

First issue Let’s start with the story about Minsk, Kyiv and Lviv.

Minsk, Belarus

From Moscow and St. Petersburg to fly to Minsk only an hour, for another 30-40 minutes you will need to get from the airport to the city.

From St. Petersburg Flights to Minsk perform airlines Russia and Belavia. Aeroflot, Belavia and S7 fly from Moscow to Minsk.

To visit the capital of Belarus, no passport is not needed, quite ordinary all-our.

Where to live?

Thanks to the coming world hockey championship, in Minsk over the past few years, quite a lot of 4-5 level hotels have been built. Conveniently in relation to many landmarks are located hotel Europe, Minsk and recently open Garni and President Hotel. If you need an option easier, then pay attention to the planet and jubilee hotels.

In Minsk there are quite a lot of apartments and apartments that rent daily. Most of them can be found and booking on Booking.Com.

If the budget is limited, then you can stay in one of the departmental hotels (booking rooms for fax or telephone) or in the hostel.

Where to eat?

In the center of problems with cafes and restaurants no. If you want to try national cuisine, be sure to look at &# 8220; Vasilka&# 8221;, &# 8220; Lido&# 8221;, &# 8220; guests&# 8221; or &# 8220; Rakovsky Brovar&# 8221;.

Among the premium restaurants is worth noting Bella Rosa, Falcone, La Crete D&# 8217; O, Cafe Grand Cafe and Bistro de Luxe, they are all located in the center.

Outside the center, with restaurants and cafes, the situation is more intense, but for a tourist without claims there will always be a place.

What to see in Minsk?

Minsk is a very beautiful and pure city. The mandatory visiting program should be a three-free suburb and the Naberezhnye Svislodi in the Metro district of Nemiga, Opera House, a walk through the Avenue Avenue from Academy of Sciences to Independence Square, Red Church, City Hall, National Library.

A good panorama on the city opens from a survey site on the roof of the National Library and from the Ferris Wheel in Gorky Park.

If you arrived for a few days, go to the scarecrows (the national village of architecture and life), in the worldly and Nesvizhsky castles (they are near each other), on the Stalin line.

Kyiv, Ukraine

In Kyiv, two airports Borispol and Zhulians, it is not difficult to get from both to the city.

Flights to Kyiv are about 7-8,000 rubles in both directions. Flights are performed from St. Petersburg and Moscow several times a day.

Where to live?

The most common type of accommodation in Kyiv is rental apartments. Recently, quite a lot of hostels have appeared here. Separately, it is worth noting Zigzag Hostel, Crown Hostel and Dream House Hostel.

Wellness IQ Hotel, Bakkara and Rus Accord Hotel, as well as hotel Ukraine with a beautiful view of Maidan Uncompleteness.

Where to eat?

In Kyiv, a huge number of institutions for every taste and wallet. Among the most popular guests of the capital are &# 8220; Puzzata Hat&# 8221;, &# 8220; Healthy Buli&# 8221; and bakery &# 8220; Viedensi buns&# 8221;.

What to see?

At the weekend, be sure to walk through the Khreshchatyk and Maidan inequality, on Saturday and Sunday Khreshchatyk is overlapped for the movement of cars and the street becomes fully pedestrian.

The chic view of the city opens with Andreevsky descent, as well as from the Vladimir slide, where you can get to the funicular. The foot of Andreevsky descent is the old part of Kyiv &# 8211; Hem, former merchant region.

As for the main attractions, be sure to visit the Sofia Cathedral, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Motherland Mother Memorial.

Where to fly for weekends without a visa Part 1 Minsk, Kyiv, Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Airport is located just 6 km from the city. Flights to Lviv can be bought from Moscow Direct flight from Moscow or Mau with transfer to Kyiv. Residents of St. Petersburg to Lviv will have to get involved in direct flights between cities.

Where to live in Lviv?

In Lviv, many hostels and hotels economy class. Most of them are located in the historic center of the city, for example, Hostel Del Pozitiff and Hostel Just Lviv IT! (PL. Market).

Among hotels is to celebrate Georges, which is located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of the city.

In the central part of the city there is another hotel to pay attention to &# 8211; This is the five-star Citadel Inn hotel located in the old fortress.

Where to eat?

Be sure to look at Zuckerny (ul. Staroevrayskaya, 3), there are selling the most delicious sweets of Lviv. As in Kyiv, there is a network of institutions of Ukrainian cuisine Puzat Hat.

To taste famous Lviv cheese products, be sure to go to the Lionivsky peaks (pl. Market), next to him there is another religious place for tourists &# 8211; Cypriva.

What to see?

Lviv is almost an open-air museum, on most buildings in the center of the city there is a plate &# 8220; Monument of architecture&# 8221;.

Be sure to walk on the old square market, pick up the viewing platform, which is located on the city hall.

Beautiful view of the city opens with a castle mountain.

Be sure to look at the main architectural landmark of Lviv &# 8211; Opera, as well as the Latin Cathedral and Bernardian Monastery.

The program of most excursions includes a visit to the Museum of Brewing, in the basement of which, there is a good restaurant, as well as Lychakovsky cemetery .

To visit Ukraine, you need an ordinary or passport, and if you drive with one minor child, then the permission to leave the second parent.

Where to fly for weekends without a visa Part 1 Minsk, Kyiv, Lviv

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