Where to find a market with "Titanic"?

In the heart of the London District of Notting Hill, for quiet streets with Victorian mansions, is Portobello Market. Perhaps the most famous antique market of London.

There is a legend that until the middle of the XIX century, in this place was the patrimony of the Gypsy, who traded here in the horses treated here, and over time, ordinary Londoners began to sell everything that was not needed in the house. Today, famous writers, designers and musicians live on Notting Hill, and the Portobello market has become a cult place for antiques from all over the world.

If you abstract from the legends, which the Street of Portobello overtook, then its name is connected with the victory of Admiral Vernon in the Battle of the Spaniards in 1739. Sir Edward became a national hero, conquering the Antilles. Resigned on the site of the current Holland Park founded a farm, calling her Puerto Bello. From the Central London, the road was led to her, which Londoners were painted Portobello-Lane.

Since the 60s of the XIX century, it began to be actively built up and soon entered the city trait, and by 1880 it was filled with a variety of shops and shops. On Saturdays, the surrounding peasants flocked here, forming a spontaneous grocery market. But in 1926, the city authorities have stopped the anarchy. Street merchants ordered to receive a license to trade. The legal market of Portobello appeared. As an antique center, he became known only in the 60s of the last century.

During work in London, I had a chance to live on Ladbroek Gardens Street, which almost rests on Portobello in one end. Therefore, the market located on this street actually became "Courtnic". I got my favorite shops and familiar sellers. One of them, Phil Matthew, – the owner of a small antique shop. And Veteran Portobello. He told me a story about how it all began.

After the end of World War II, British soldiers began to return home, having in baggage not only the memories of battles and combat awards, but also military trophies from Europe, Africa and from the Far East. Most of them did not have work, and they gradually descended brought souvenirs in local bears. Some Mistress Harris held a couple of stores here and, catching the spirit of change, was one of them first under antique trading. So the complex of trays under the united roof – "Red Lion Arcade". It was in 1951.

Phil Matthew trades on the market for more than thirty years. The place was inherited from the Father, the sailor who opened on Portobello Lavuk in 1947. Therefore, the main topics of Mr. Matthew – Marine Prishi. At the entrance to his shop stands "real" Anchor Pride of the British fleet of a stall linear ship "Royal George", which together with the legendary "Victoria" Admiral Nelson won the traffalgar. Actually, he has something with the most "Victoria" – sextant. It is not for sale. But every day he (if you buy "original") Rand appears from the armadire "Rupert" or trimming of the Manila Canal with "Katty Sark".

I understand the sinusity of phila. But what stories he tells, offering one or another product! The gray-haired historian of the Admiralty smokes, learning about the details of the development of the British fleet, which gives Mr. Matthew.

In particular, he told me that at the beginning of 1905, in the very days when the our fleet was in a hurry to the shores of Japan towards their death, the Committee created by the First Maritime Lord John Waterbutton Fisher has already developed a plan for reorganization of the British fleet "From keel to chototics". First of all, the Committee began to exercise a long-standing and trembling dream of Fisher – the creation of a linker.

Fisher gave imaginary linkor name "Anteiquel", and the project on which the Committee began to work in 1905, received the same name. It is not known who and when the name was chosen "Dreadnought" ("Fearless") who fell fate to become a symbol of a new era in shipbuilding and naval art.

But, summed up the story of Phil, the first "Dreadnought" Fucked with an invincible Armada in 1588 and died! That is, said Antikvar, revived Fisher of the Drift.

However, Mr. Matthew was humbled, no matter how the ship was called, he marked the real breakthrough in the navigation. Although later Fisher began to consider the Creator "Dreadnought", Not at all, he belonged to the defining and fundamentally new features of this linker. It’s all solely in the superiority of the British Industry and Science! How it reminded me of a Soviet anecdote with the end "But we have the shortest working day".

In short, the people on Portobello sociable. Speak and bargain – this is the golden rule of the trash. And what are the details of the life of the market you can tell here! And your business believe in them or not. For example, I was assured that Bill and Hillary Clinton are regulars. With a dozen merchants "Requirmed", What they saw them "last Saturday". And Madonna, completely furnished his mansion on the Holland Park with antique pieces with Portobello. In addition, Robbie Williams and Bob Geldof, and a dozen stars of popular English television series walk from time to time. This is brought here in the closed limousine of Prince William, and Princess Margaret, who went to the world in 2002, has become part of the world’s mythology. Under the accompaniment of the next legend to the buyer must be sold. Of course, you will acquire something good and high-quality – the cause of luck, but the opportunity to find some kind of bauble "From Sherlock Holmes" more real.

To get to Portobello from the exquisite tourist facade, immediately get into the gallery of antique benches, you need to go to the market from the street Notting Hill-Gate. It is quite simple if you get out of the subway in the same station. And then – by signs.

To go now to settle on the market, you need to stand in line for several years. Most sellers traded here for decades as Mr. Matthew already known to us. For example, his neighbor for a number of Nile Philips trades on Portobello stained-glass windows for 39 years. Among the exhibits (and other words you will not pick up) its store there are windows, worked in the XV century! There are also a lighter, but no later than the 50s of the last century. Most of his buyers are rich people. After all, the average price of such antiques from 5 to 30 thousand pounds.

Where to find the market from Titanic

There is, however, one unpleasant circumstance of the neighborhood with Portobello. Every August in the area goes through the Carnival of the Caribbean. If this is the first time, then funny. But from year to year.

If you have made it possible to visit London at the end of August, it is not to participate or at least sort the carnival – Mauvais Ton. These days, usually a calm area turns into an endless multicolored ribbon of the singing, dancing and druming life. Three days of endless fun are delighted tourists and drive into depression of residents of the surrounding streets, many of whom prefer to disappear from London.

History of Carnival Notting Hill (this official name) begins in 1964, when several hundreds of representatives of the British Africarbian community, mainly people from Trinidad and Tobago Islands, an exotic crowd surprised Kensington and Chelsea. It spoke in them longing in the brightness of the paints and the riot of emotions in gray, fastened on the last button Strictly Franch London.

I liked the spectacle and gothes. Since then, the carnival has become a tradition collecting in other years to 2 million spectators.

The overall length of the procession reaches 8 kilometers. At the same time, only in some places metal fences are delivered, restraining yawak. There are no special limitations: fit into the procession, have fun with everyone!

Carnival begins on Saturday from drummer competition. Styl Band ("Steel Dump Bands"), in my opinion, the most unique satellite. Imagine a dozen musicians playing iron barrels and saucepans. And as playing! And not only incendiary caribbean melodies in reggae style! On the dispute with me ensemble "Tinsmiths" From the Northumbry University, located in the northeast of England in the city of Newcastle-on-mystery, reproduced several pop plays, including the our "Do not even hear in the garden even rustles".

Among the participants of the orchestra, as it turned out, there are no professional musicians. All – Students of the Architectural Faculty. These are metamorphosis.

Apotheosis of the procession becomes the appearance of the king and queen in "Banking Monday". Alternating ensembles perform all: jazz, rap, funk, soul, salsa, jangel, house, garage, competing is not so much in mastery, as in the volume of execution. From noise not audible interlocutor. Shut up the carnival is impossible. Shamanic dances in the center of London in full swing.

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