Where to find information for travel planning?

How much time do you have planning a self-journey? Most likely, a lot and most of it we spend on finding information.

On the Internet you can find thousands of resources on any topic, but how not to be lost in such a non-sore set options? Today we will tell about the resources that use themselves and will be grateful if you share your comments.

Where to go?

As a rule, travel planning begins with the question &# 8220; where to go?&# 8221; Everyone answers it in different ways, someone saw beautiful pictures in the magazine, someone was inspired by the story of friends, and someone read about an interesting place on the Internet.

If you love travel and look for inspiration, it can be found on the following resources:

From the printed x magazines, this is of course Condé Nast Traveler, Geo, National Geographic Traveler and around the world.

Excellent, we decided with the place, now it’s time for bureaucratic formalities or visas.

Where to find information about visas?

The most reliable source &# 8211; This is a consulate site or a visa center that accepts documents. Unfortunately, these sites are not always given complete information or its appearance is not entirely understood by the average man, for example, as in the case of the UK visa.

If you need additional information, then the second on reliability, but the first to use and clearer the source &# 8211; This is a forum VINSKY. This is a truly storehouse of useful information for travel planning to any point of the globe.

Where to book a hotel and flight?

Booking sites and hotels now a lot. Criteria for choice here may be two: reliability and price.

With the price, everything is simple &# 8211; look for where cheaper, but with reliability not so definitely&# 8230;. This criterion is very subjective.

If you have found a ticket through the aggregator (about what we wrote here), you can not worry, you will not bloom on scammers. Among the most popular meta search engines:

Metapoiskovik himself does not sell tickets, but only looking for, for booking and payment you will be redirected to the Agency’s website, for example, our &# 8211; www.Kuibilet.Ru.

Please note that at least the aggregator is looking for many sites at once, not all flights and not all dates fall into the system. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check prices on the booking agency website, especially in the case of searching for tickets for rare and unpopular directions.

About where to book hotels we also wrote. Here are sites that we use personally:

Where to find information for travel planning

Tips for finding and booking hotels:

Where to find information for making a route?

First, decide what exactly you want to see. This will help you all the same sites as in the section &# 8220; where to go?&# 8221;, as well as traveler blogs, their huge list can be found here &# 8211; TravelBloggers.Ru

Do not forget about guidebooks. We most often buy Lonely Planet &# 8211; This is a time proven guidebooks.

Go to the bookstore, there is a large selection of such guidebooks, and choose the one that I liked the most.

Among the most popular should be noted:

  • Guidebooks &# 8220; posters&# 8221;
  • Travel Guides Thomas Cook
  • Orange Guide
  • Cards National Geographic
  • Berlitz Pocket Guide

Making a route, do not seek to think about every minute, perhaps already in place you will hear about an incredible place, which must be visited or a good restaurant, which is not popular with tourists, but at local&# 8230;. Leave a little loose place in your plan.

If you do not decide to independently plan the cultural program, you can book an excursion. Professional guide will show you the most interesting places and share useful tips.

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