Where to find devilish poles (Daivis-Plopile)?

Unfortunately, we leave the loved Park of Yosemite and go to the south, where we have to see another nature fiction. On the way, we meet beautiful lakes and excellent landscapes, but we are going to search for devilish poles.

After spending four rich days in Yosemite Park, they decided to go further with Andrews. Where? In the direction of the mysterious valley of death. However, they decided not straight to go there, and with the arrival in another curious place, the lack of in the States is not observed at all.

Mono Country MONO COUNTRY) – Sightseeing part of the state of California, the greatest interest of which, perhaps, represent the lakes. But we were attracted by a different phenomenon of nature, because we saw the lakes in Yosemite, plus they saw a few somewhat in passing. Although, whenever, missing something interesting, crushed that time so little.

So, keep the way toward the town Mammoth lakes (Mammoth Lakes), in the vicinity of which we must find Devil’s pillars.

general information

Name: National Monument Devil’s Poles (Devil’s Postpile National Monument)

State: Northern California, United States

Location: The devilish poles are located within the National Forest of the Inyo National Forest, not far from the Mammoth Lakes and the towns of Town of Mammoth Lakes, which is the starting point.

Distances to Mammoth Lakes:

    – 280 miles / 448 km (5.5 hours) – Summer, 385 miles / 616 km (6.5-7 hours) – in winter (you have to go on other roads, because some closed some). – 315 miles / 504 km (5.5 hours) – 310 miles / 496 km (5.5 hours) – 100 miles / 160 km (2.5 hours) – from May to November (in the winter 120 the track is closed)

How to get from Yosemiti to Town Of Mammoth Lakes: If you are by car, then you must first go along the highway 120 (Taja Road) in the eastern direction, then on the highway 395 southern direction and then 10 miles of 203 tracks to the west to the city. To be more accurate, it is not even a city, and the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge, which is behind him.

You can also get from Yosemite to Mammoth-Lakes by Yarts bus. This site has the opportunity to get acquainted with the schedule, work schedule and buses departure points.

Where to find devilish poles (Daivis-Plopile)

General description of the place: Mamona Lake – This is the famous American ski resort. In winter, a skiing ride here, and in the summer – drive on bicycles or horses, to divide, play golf or go to one of the trails (hiking). For lovers of hikes, there are great interests of the so-called red meadows (Reds Meadows), in which numerous trails originate, one of which leads to the fact that Dails-Plopile (Devil’s columns).

How to get to the red meadows: First of all, you need to get to mammoth Mountain Ski Area. There is a hotel Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge. You can focus on the higratory statue of Mammoth: if you saw it, it means on the spot. After you have to leave the car on the free parking opposite this very hotel or next to it (you can do it anytime from 7 am to 7 pm) and transfer to the shuttle bass.

Ticket price: Tickets for Shattle Bass (they skip to all trails) can be purchased at Mammoth Mountain Adventure Center or directly on the bus. Annual Pass / Park Pass (subscription for parks) does not work here.

  • Day ticket – 7 dollars (adult), 4 dollars (children’s 3-15 years old), children under two years – is free.
  • Three-day ticket – 14 dollars (adult), $ 8 (children’s 3-15 years old), children under two years – is free.
  • Season ticket – 35 dollars (adult), 20 dollars (children’s 3-15 years), children under two years – is free.

Buses running schedule: From mid-June to Wednesday after labor day, which falls on the first numbers of September. Buses depart from Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge:

  • From 7:30 to 9:45 – Every 45 minutes
  • from 10:00 to 16:00 – Every 20 minutes
  • from 16:45 to19: 00 – Every 45 minutes

Notes: Only those visitors who have reservations at the Reds Meadow Resort, who stayed in the campsites launched or if the bus does not drive, as well as some categories of visitors do not drive, as well as some categories of visitors with disabilities, can travel. At the same time will have to pay:

  • Day ticket – 10 dollars with car.
  • Three-day ticket – 20 dollars with car.
  • For stopping in camping – 10 dollars for all time stay.
  • Season ticket – 35 dollars with car.

As soon as we sat down on the bus, the driver stressed on the word IN. When after the trails sat on the bus going to the opposite direction (they drove from the 6th stop), the word was crossed out Out. So it is not clear whether it would be possible to take a bus again if you go to one of the stops on the way back. Perhaps it is better to watch everything along the way forward or clarify information at the checkout or at the driver.

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