Where to find devilish poles (Daivis-Plopile)? Part 2

Schedule: Davis-Plopile, as well as the Valley of Red Meadows, are open to unhindered visits in fact only in the summer. For the winter, the monument is closed, and in June, September and October it is necessary to specify information on the official website or by phone.

Route Shttle Basa: The bus, as you understand, follows from the part of the national forest, which is called the Reds-Mado (Reds Meadows). There are ten stops on the route, each of which – anything interesting or useful.

  • Agnew Meadows: This is a meadow that is famous for its wild colors. You can take a walk by going to one of the trails or ride a horse.
  • Starkweather Lake: One of the numerous picturesque lakes. You can take a walk and give.
  • Upper Soda Springs Campground: Camping. In addition, several hiking routes also originate here.
  • Minaret Falls Campground Turnoff: Camping, plus the opportunity to go to the trail to the waterfall and / or to give.
  • Devil’s Postpile National Monument: The Most Devil Poles.
  • Sotcher Lake: Another lake with the ability to go fishing and go hike.
  • Reds Meadows Campground: Camping, Shower and Trails in one bottle.
  • Rainbow Falls Trailhead: Trail leading to a waterfall.
  • Reds Meadow Resort: Hotel, Plus Store and Cafe. From here you can also go to the trail, go on horseback riding or ride bikes.

Organized fishing for the whole day: 125 dollars.

The cost of horseback walks: from 20 to 75 dollars one of the proposed routes or 105 dollars – all day.

Ideally, it is necessary to come here for one day, but if you look more Mammoth Lake – then in general it is possible and not to cope for a week))

Stop Scheme:

Since horseback rides and other outdoor activities can lead to unplanned consequences, it is better to arrange traveler insurance before a trip. You can choose the appropriate option right now, using a convenient form below, which allows you to compare prices for services of several of the most popular insurance companies:

From the above-mentioned points, I visited Andrews and two – Rainbow Waterfall and Devil Poles.

Rainbow Falls Falls (Rainbow Falls Trail)

Description: About forty minutes we got to the stop, from which the beginning of the Rainbow Falls Trail originates. Trail himself is not too remarkable and picturesque – just a path, on the sides of which stretched fluid, places and at all burned fishing. Went to this micro-trail only for the company, on the way to another devilish columns. However, the Rainbow Waterfall has become a pleasant addition, although not very impressed after those we saw in Yosemite Valley.

Starting point: 9th stop Rainbow Falsl Trailhead.
Length: 1.2 miles / 1.9 km (one way).
Estimated time hike: 40-50 minutes.
Complexity: moderate.
Notes: Waterfall is better to watch in the afternoon, because in the morning he is all in the shade. Judging by the pictures when the sun rays fall on it, the rainbow appears.

Our impressions: Those who have this waterfall is far from the first of what they saw, he will most likely seem common and not too outstanding as us. Although, an unusual semicircular shape of the slope, from which he is no expects, adds a kind of highlight. I think with a rainbow he looks interesting.

Grade: 6 out of 10.

Diavil’s Patches Footpath (Devil’s Postpile Trail)

Description: Devil’s Postpile National Monument – the place is unusual and very curious, because, for sure, you have never seen this yet. What it is famous? With its so-called «Pillars», which are also devilish in addition. These pillars were formed as a result of lava eruptions, which once flowed in the valley. However, she met an obstacle in his way, yes so there and cooled. During slow cooling, cracked appeared. The following glaciers were formed in the same places, and after they came to the world, hexagons appeared, having an ideal form of a la bee honeycomb in the projection. Here they are attracting flows of tourists.

Option number 1

Starting point: We went to the pillars from the previous trailer (there is a branch indicated by the pointer, it is necessary to go a little in the opposite direction).
Length: 1.8 miles / 2.9 km (one way).
Estimated time hike: about 1.5 hours.
Complexity: Light / moderate.

Option number 2

Where to find devilish poles (Daivis-Plopile) Part 2

Starting point: 6th stop – Devil’s Postpile National Monument.
Length: 0.4 miles / 0.6 km (one way).
Estimated time hike: 15-20 minutes.
Complexity: light.

Notes: It is better to inspect the pillars in the afternoon, because they are not covered to lunch, the sun shines «in the back». Convenient to visit this place on the way from Yosemite in the Death Valley.

Our impressions: Interesting things. We have never seen such, so it was curious. You can call, if there is extra or spare noon in the schedule.

Grade: 8 out of 10.

On this, our walk ended. On the same shuttle bass, we drove back to the parking lot, moved to the car and shown on south.

Tips and recommendations

With a general list of tips and recommendations for all moved hike, you can find here. It is better not to neglect these simple reminders))


As you probably understood, stay near Reds Meadows Valley in hotels and campsites.


  • Agnew Meadows Campground (22 dollars)
  • Upper Soda Springs Campground
  • Minaret Falls Campground
  • Devil’s Postpile Campground (FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED, 14 dollars)
  • Reds Meadows Campground

The average price for the place in the campsite – 20 dollars.

Book a campgrounds for which preliminary booking is provided on this site.

From hotels at your service:


These are options closest to Reds Meadows and Devil’s Postpile.

As an alternative accommodation option, you can use the AIRBNB website.

Where we spent the night?

From Town-Off-Mammoth-Leks, we, returning to 395 track, went to town Bishop (Bishop). Going only about 70 kilometers (a little less than an hour in the way). To spend the night was solved there, the next day in the morning early with new forces to go to the Valley of Death.

The first thing I got a search for housing. We were interested in unpretentious motels, if only there were a shower and a bed.

First looked at Motel 6 – The room with one bed was offered to us with a 10% discount of $ 85, plus more promised 10% discount in Denis. We needed something attendant, so refused.

The second motel was Town Noise Motel. The room with everything we had suggested for 55 dollars, but gave for $ 50, which as a result with taxes was 56 bucks. Stopped here.

Pleasant trips, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

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