Where to escape from St. Petersburg for the weekend: 12 fabulous natural corners of the Leningrad region

Sometimes after a heavy, heavier week, you just want to relax and escape from the metropolis in a quiet, calm place where there is no fuss. Enjoy the wonderful nature, fresh air, relax with soul and body, and recharge your positive energy for a long time.

Arrange an unforgettable trip to the magic places of the Leningrad region on the weekend: lakes and waterfalls, caves and geysers, islands and reserves – unforgettable impressions and emotions will stay for a long time in your memories.

Fantastic places near St. Petersburg who should visit each

Devonian cliff. Truly unique place. Unforgettable panorama opens from it. The wrath of the cliff is that during the day his color gradually changes from a red shade to a brown-brown. The legend of these places is reading: if a person with a clean heart breaks a small piece from Stalatite, he will bring him a big luck in life.

Lindulovskaya Rosch. This natural monument went to the Leningrad region inheritance from Peter I. It was here that legendary tees were planted, which were later used when building ships. Immediately preserved unique centuries-old trees. Currently, the reserve is under the protection of UNESCO.

Sablin caves. Excursions here are held all year round. Once a long time ago, a valuable quartz sand was mined in this place. Interesting Fact: The temperature inside the cave is always 8 ° C. Also, the only chapel of St. Nicholas Wonderworker.

Large rocks. Paradise for lovers and professional climbers. In this area, unforgettable campaigns in the mountains with a prival of the picturesque lakes are organized. Also, the annual rock festival is held, at which thousands of newcomers and experienced extreme lovers come. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in competitions on various types of climbing. Bright positive emotions and adrenaline – no one leaves without them.

Gatchina geysers. Amazing corner of nature, where live sources can be found right in the forest, drowning out of the ground to a height of up to 1.5 m. You can get here at any time of the year. In winter, these geasers are especially charming, because the fountaining water freezes in various bizarre forms, and there are small slides around these pillars, which have unusual colors.

Canyon, in the Lava River. It is considered to be the wonder of the Leningrad region, formed more than 500 years ago. Water here has a gentle green shade, rare animals dwell around. The fascinating nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

Lipov Lake. Divo Nature – Small Salt Sea. Its crystal clear water is considered therapeutic. The rich underwater world of the lake and the Natural Beaches not touched by a man fascinate.
Island of Mayacious. The perfect corner for fishing does not find! There is an old lighthouse. Romantic and cozy place suitable for lovers.

Where to escape from St. Petersburg for the weekend 12 fabulous natural corners of the Leningrad region

Losevian thresholds. Some of the largest thresholds in Europe. This is an incredible and strong stream of water, breathtaking. There are often different competitions for fans of water extreme.

Radon lakes. Here is the purest water with healing properties. Lakes are located in a picturesque canyon. Fabulous flora, fresh air and lots of impressions – you definitely like here!

Bornitsky Careers. These are unusual, impressive careers created by the hands of a person. Once from here they took stones for the construction of the Kazan Cathedral.

Dudefood heights. Consist of several hills of glacial origin with a spring source. Here you can admire the untouched nature, turn off the phone and enjoy the silence of age-old trees.

The nature of the Leningrad region is one of the richest and most beautiful in Russia. Many worthy and mysterious places that can be found only here. Travel, get exciting impressions, and share them with your relatives, friends and colleagues!

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