Where to eat in Varna: Restaurants, Beer, Fast Food

It is not known when and what tribes first attracted this coast of the Black Sea. In the VI century BC, a large Greek colony of Odessos already existed here. There were century, and this city did not pass the fate of other ancient Greek possessions: at first he was absorbed by the Roman Empire, and then looted and destroyed nomad tribes. Slavs built a new village on the ruins of Odessa and called him.

Bulgarian restaurants offer traditional dishes

Today is the third population of the city, the main port of Bulgaria. Whether you want to spend your vacation on noisy golden sands or in the silence of St. Constantine and Elena, in a luxurious Albena or a modest Balchik – you can not amuse Varna.

It is located at the intersection of highways and railway tracks, the international airport is built here, so any tourist resting in this part of the country, on the day of arrival and departure will definitely erupt his streets.

However, Varna deserves more, so I will leave the sandy beaches on the sandy sand and meet the ancient city closer.

The center of Varna is business quarters and many boutiques of famous firms, souvenir shops and Turkish markets, crowds of idle tourists and folk concerts in the open sky.

In the traditional Bulgarian restaurant

Numerous monuments resemble the past. In the south-east, the ruins of the Roman term of the ancient Odessa.

In the center of the city, the majestic cathedral is towers, known for unique frescoes.

The socialist era did not pass: the huge, built in the 70s Asparukhov Bridge still connects the shores of the channel, and at the top of the mountain, a huge concrete monument towers, resembling our-Bulgarian friendship.

Best of all about the history of this land will tell the Archaeological Museum. It stores more than 55 thousand exhibits of different times.

Tired of museum wanderings, you can relax in the shadow of the sea park. Rare trees and exotic plants are collected on a huge area. There are also a zoo, aquarium and the only one on the Balkan Peninsula Dolphinarium.

And it is also worth come to Varna for the sake of Bulgarian cuisine, which is so hard to find in the resorts filled with Italian, Georgian, Hungarian and our restaurants.

Restaurants Varna

Bulgarian restaurant "Khishov"

Address: Varna, Bul. "Vasil Levsky" 97

All guests of Varna must advise visit the Bulgarian restaurant "Khishov" . Yes, and the local residents themselves love to come to this place.

They, of course, attracts not so much the interior in folk style or waiters in folk costumes, how well cooked Bulgarian dishes.

Where to eat in Varna Restaurants, Beer, Fast Food

Interior of restaurant "Khishov"

In the summer, it’s nice to sit in the fresh air and try, for example, trout – local corporate dish.

The restaurant has an original summer garden, decorated in a traditional Bulgarian style.

Beer "Viking"

Address: Varna, ul. "Ivan Aksakov" 7

Beer fans have a magnificent chance to arrange a real tasting of his beloved drink in beer "Viking". Not easy business – make a choice of several tens of varieties of beer and wine.

Interior of beer "Viking"

Of course, it is possible to quench here not only thirst, but hunger – visitors are offered an extensive menu, a special place in which is the corporate dish – fried pork fillets.

Fast food "Happy Bar & Grill"

To eat quickly and inexpensively do not necessarily go to world-famous self-service restaurants. Throughout Bulgaria will meet you "Happy Bar & Grill" – The result of Bulgarian American cooperation. The menu is pleasantly striking the abundance of all sorts of salads, fish and meat dishes, cooked on the recipe grille, specially designed for "Happy". Among other things, special attention is paid to dishes from chicken meat as the most healthy and low-calorie meat food.

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