Where to eat in Kaliningrad – 6 places where it is worth it

Konigsberg cuisine is, first of all, the kitchen of Germany. It is sausages, and lugs, and local beer. Where to eat, if you travel in Kaliningrad?

As near the sea, in Kaliningrad there is always fresh marine products, and the proximity of Europe gives fresh ideas in the cooking of dishes.

And we found a place where you can eat for 200-300 rubles in the very center.

Here are the best establishments of Kaliningrad, where you can eat tasty and cheap:

Gastrebar Sol

Eating in Kaliningrad stands in the restaurant "Salt". Come here for new gastronomic sensations and unusual food.

Prices are higher than in network cafes, But the quality corresponds to. Meat and fish dishes – 400-500 rubles, soups – 300-400 rubles. Here you will try Bao with meat of Kamchatka Crab, Poofing with pickled salmon or tofu cheese, salmon and scallops with fua-gras sauce.

For a child, you can order tataki from beef – it looks like potatoes with meat.

The only drawback is the restaurant "Salt" is far from the center.

Telephone: +7 4012 33 10 10

Borsch and Salo

Lunch in Ukrainian go to the "Borsch and Salo" restaurant.

You are waiting for a hearty borsch with pampushki and lard, gorilka, Ukrainian sausage and cakes in Kyiv. Hungry will not be left. Try here Alcohol of own production: Khrenovuhu, cherry tincture.

Price average: Borsch – 230 rubles, meat and sausages – 200-500 rubles, second with meat – 300-500 rubles.

Located "Borsch and Salo" near the center – on the Victory Square.

Address: PL. Victory, D.10, TC Klover

Telephone: +7 (4012) 35 76 76

Kaiser Wurst

If you want to feel Atmosphere German Königsberg, that way.

Sausages, sausages, steering wheel and beer Рa guarantee of a good evening with friends. Every Friday at 19:30 playing live music, All Königsberg menu (Eastern Prussia dishes) 10% discount.

Restaurant has delivery with a subsequent discount on a visit to the institution.

Prices: Soup 250-450 rubles, meat dishes – from 400 rubles. Separation can be ordered.

&# 171; Kaiser Wurst&# 187; Located near the Victory Square in the shopping center Europe.

Address: ul. Theatrical, D.30, et. 3, TRV "Europe"

Telephone: +7 (4012) 52 61 26

Restaurant Hmel

"Hop" is a restaurant and brewery.

Here you can not only try the local beer of our own production, but also dine. There are many naked snacks in the menu, especially good croutons with cheese and burgers. The main dishes are satisted, calorie, there are business lunches.

I really liked the situation in this restaurant – As in the real factory – Brick walls, large steel beams, air ducts, pleasant lighting. Waiters work quickly, but the restaurant is very popular and there is a lot of people, the table is better to order in advance.

"Hmel" is located near the center of Kaliningrad – on Victory Square.

Price average: meat dishes – from 400 rubles, hot snacks – 300-400 rubles, desserts – 200-250 rubles, soups – 250-500 rubles.

Address: TC Klover, Victory Square, 10, 2nd floor

Telephone: 8 401 259 33 77


If you want to eat a lot, but to pay little.

Restaurant unusual: you Pay for input (on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 – 240 rubles for two), but I order at low prices.


  • Pizza – 100-200 rubles,
  • Hot meat snacks – up to 200 rubles,
  • Soup – up to 150 rubles,
  • Garnira – 30 rubles,
  • Desserts – 100 rubles,
  • Where to eat in Kaliningrad - 6 places where it is worth it
  • Meat dishes – up to 300 rubles.

If you love to eat a lot and deliciously – you will like it.

Restaurant is not in the center.

The cost of entry (prices may change, check on the site):

  • 12: 00-16: 00 – 240 rubles for two
  • 16: 01-22: 00 – 355 rubles
  • 22: 01-01: 00 – 195 rub

Children under 9 years old (accompanied by adults) – free

Address : ul. Gorky, 162

Telephone: 8 4012 320 320

Crawling – quick and cheap

Where is delicious and inexpensive to eat in Kaliningrad?

Eating simple and cheap. Cereal You can dine for 200-250 rubles, At the same time, food quality, homemade, and portions are big. Here everything is simple, without coupling interiors, but purely and neat.

If you need to eat quickly and cheap and continue to walk in the center – this is the most suitable place.

Try meat dumplings and desserts.

In the dining room accept payment cards.

Address: Pr-T. Leninsky, 18

Found your own option where to eat in Kaliningrad? Do not forget to tell about it in the comments.

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