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Guangzhou is often called the culinary capital, so many restaurants are in this glorious southern city and so passionately the local population loves to eat. You can try any Chinese dishes North, South, Sichuan cuisines. There are also European restaurants, but when choosing should be careful, in order not to run into Ala Chinese version. And those who can no longer watch in rice, grass and other charms of Chinese dishes, I recommend to visit the restaurant of our and European cuisine "Arbat". And this is not a similarity of our cuisine, but a really presentable chef from Russia, our-speaking staff, a cozy and relaxing situation, a great taste of dishes and a wide selection!

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On the menu you will find Salad Olivier (33 yuan), pies with filling for your choice (15 yuan), Khotel (39 yuan), Borsch (35 yuan), Morse (from 18 yuan) and much more – the most beloved and popular our dishes Kitchen. In addition to our cuisine, it is served here and European: spaghetti, various fish and meat dishes, steaks and salads. Be sure to try dumplings or chicken-tobacco under the branded tincture from the chef. For dessert Order Apple Studel or Ice Cream "Arbat" with nuts. Such delicacies in Guangzhou is only in "Arbat"!

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