Where to eat in Dolomites

“- Exactly do not want risotto? Is it really again carrying Tagliatelle Carbonara?” – Updating painshing, asks Vincenzo, turning to my daughter. Vintszroad (call me just “Enzo”) – a good-natured waiter from a pleasant restaurant in San Virgilio, one of the towns in the Kronplatz region. The pilestics and tastes of the practical every permanent guest Enzo knows by heart, and consistently knows how to find a common language with children. With restaurants in the Dolomites, things are not bad. And not only because it is italy.

For the right to be considered the largest gastronomic resort for many years, Alta Badia and Cortina d’Ampezzo have been fighting for many years.

In San Cassiano (Alta Bady Ski Region) there is one of the best restaurants not just in Dolomites, but, perhaps, in all mountains in Italy. Find the best place for gourmets is easy – it is enough to go to the Rosa Alpina Hotel, which is part of Relais & Chateaux. Cozy and elegant st. Hubertus Restaurant is remembered by a special atmosphere and, of course, creatively cooked dishes. In the restaurant there are only nine tables and “Table of Chef”: Special room for small companies, from which you can see what happens in the kitchen. In the menu, guests will find a variety of traditional alpine dishes and with love prepared unusual masterpieces from around the world. Among the regalia of the restaurant, in which Niedercofler (former slalomist is owned, and now – the most famous chef in South Tyrol) – 2 stars Michelin and all sorts of Italian awards.

St. Hubertus Restaurant

In San Cassiano star Michelin marked another restaurant – La Siriola at Hotel Ciasa Salares. His chef Fabio Kukhelli (Fabio Cucchelli returned the famous once restaurant lost due to repeated change of cooks star Michelin. Now he successfully manages all hotel restaurants, offering exquisite, lungs and very creative dishes.

“Mishlenovsky” Restaurants There are in neighboring towns . Gourmets are trying to book the tables in La Stua de Michil in advance – in the cozy and elegant restaurant in Corvare, marked with a star of the gastronomic guidebook, the chef Arturo Spekokki creates its masterpieces. In Ortise, many awards have noted the restaurant Anna Stuben at the Gardena Grodnerhof Hotel.

Since Graziano Prost, the owner of the star Michelin, settled in Cortina, the Tivoli restaurant began to be considered one of the best in the Italian Alps. Restaurant concept – Creative designer cuisine using primarily local products. For example, one of the dishes favorite visitors is a gentle lamb meat prepared by five different ways. Graziano offers to try it in the following types: Grilled with sage, stewed with mint, cooked in bread in the furnace, in the form of sausages and even raw marinated in a special sauce. For those who prefer to get acquainted with local dishes, will suit Europlate. Guests will be offered the best specialists: Polenta, Smoked Mozarella on the grill, roasted local cheese and the most unusual grained sausages.

Fashionable huts

A short lunch break with fast food is not too removed in the region proud of its kitchen. Perhaps that is why in the Dolomites you can find a very impressive concentration of excellent mountain restaurants in the Alps. Of course, this does not mean that any lunch will certainly take 3 hours, but if you love to sit without fussing with friends, admiring the mountains, then you – to Dolomites. In Utia Piz Arlara, above Corvara (region of Alta Badia) You can taste dishes from Giancarlo Morellley – the titled chef from Lombardy.

Utia Piz Arlara

Any gourmet restaurant on the slopes Val Gardena – Comici. It is wherever it is worth going for the freshest seafood, the best in the region of pasta and fish dishes. Passo Gardena is located as well as a mining hut from postcards Utia Jimmy with a spacious terrace. In addition to traditional dishes Jimmo Schontt, the colorful owner of the institution will certainly persuade you to try home grappa. This restaurant serves both gastronomic dishes made from Alto Adige products and traditional Polenta.

On the slopes of Alta Badia a lot of good and very good restaurants, wealthy guests of the resort are especially loved by Club Moritzino, located at an altitude of 2100 m. This elegant restaurant with a wine bar and a terrace specializes in fresh fish, which is delivered daily by plane. Oysters, shrimps, other freshest seafood, pasta with lobster, baked and grilled fish, as well as a great selection of wines – only some lines from the menu. The restaurant has been belonging to Moritsa Kaffonar to the car driver for many years, and it is not surprising that you can see celebrities at the next table, and it is necessary to book tables strongly in advance.

Restaurants are simpler, but with a homely cozy atmosphere and perfectly prudged dishes are in each of the mountainous regions: in Kronpleplate and Val di Fassa, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Arabbe, Val di Fiemma and other areas of skiing. So you should not be interrupted with sandwiches taken with you, because real traditional southern Tyirola dishes and Trentino can be tried in mountain restaurants.

Where to eat in Dolomites

In chasts

Alta-Badia simply to feed tourists in the region’s experts seemed little, and the resort came up with two interesting events that became very popular. Already the traditional gastronomic festival and ski safaris for gourmet “A Taste for Skiing” will be held at the resort on December 2. This year, the main theme of ski safari and the festival will be “Slope Food” – Creative Snacks, Canapes and Finger Food. The event will participate 12 famous chefs, as representing the region and all Italy and from other countries. 12 best mountain huts and restaurants in Alta Badia are chosen for tastings.

Festival A Taste for Skiing

In the gastronomic festival, all three chefs of the region, awarded Michelin stars, as well as famous Italian chefs will take part. In particular, the guests will cook Nicolas Portinaire (2 stars Michelin), the chef of the restaurant La Peca. In addition, those who are lucky to be in the region in early December will be able to get acquainted with the creations of the rising stars and promising chefs from the Netherlands and Belgium. Visit Festival and Famous TV presenter and Mishanovsky Chef John Burton flight. Sound snacks in combination with the best drinks of the region will be waiting for guests in cozy restaurants and mountain huts throughout the day.

But not only a gastronomic ski safari is famous for the region. At the end of the season, March 17, the Dolomites will pass “Wine Ski-Safari”. This day will be fully dedicated to the best wines and the kitchen. Due to the unique combination of natural conditions, terrorar, humidity and temperature, in South Tyrol, excellent guilt of excellent quality are obtained. They are valued far beyond Dolomites, and in March, guests will have the opportunity to choose the best wine on tastings. For the convenience of tourists, the resort has released special brochures, where the route of wine ski-safari is described in detail. Participation in wine safari is inexpensive – for 15 euros you can taste a variety of (but invariably good) wines. For the snack of the hosts of mountain restaurants offer specialists – first of all, local cheeses, Prostto and Schpe.

Gastronomic holidays pass in Viola Badia throughout the season. In addition to ski safaris with culinary or wine “bias”, From January 20 to January 25, 2013 in the resort passes “Chef Cup”, which compete not only in the kitchen, but also on the ski slope.

And even if you were in the Dolomites at the moment when the next holiday has not yet begun, no one can prevent you from arrange him independently. Traditions of Ladinov, preserved in ancient huts, or masterpieces “High” Kitchens, sophisticated wines and sophisticated meals – all this will be in prosperity. Just because it is Dolomites Super.

Where to eat in Dolomites
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