Fair of vegetarian dishes on Phuket

In Thailand that no day, then the holiday. There are a lot of them: religious, national and very local. On Phuket every year the vegetarian festival is held. The streets of the city are decorated with yellow flags with red Chinese hieroglyphs, there are streets with the markets of vegetarian food, in all restaurants are boiled – welded for the benefit of the participants of the festival. Vegetarian restaurants can be determined by yellow flags that are preparing vegetarian dishes here.

Vegetarian is nice and tasty to be in Thailand: the abundance of fresh fruits and inexpensive vegetables, various types of cereals, widespread use in dishes cannot but rejoice. Especially during the holiday. Vegetarian dishes are served in restaurants, in supermarkets and shops sell vegetarian products. In 7-11, you can buy soy milk and vegan noodles of fast cooking, which in Thailand is called a nominal word mother from the name of the famous nappish brand. Can be compared with the fact that the noodles of fast cooking in Russia is called.

Absolutely can not talk about the poverty of vegetarian food in Thailand. Recipes of vegetarian dishes are diverse. The only difficulty is waiting for Laktovogetarians and Vegans.

Thai restaurants on Phuket, where only vegetable food is prepared, not using eggs, onions and garlic, not so much. In Thai cuisine, dairy products are not used as often, they are replaced with coconut milk. But the drinks and soups of Thais prefer to eat with cow cream or condensed milk.

I advise you to look at some Indian restaurants on popular Phuket beaches. And just in case ask: "?"(Or" Ja?") What is translated as ethical vegetarian food – without using animal products, without a bow and garlic.

This Thai word is quite difficult to push Faraguga, so sometimes it is necessary to believe in English words. Normal Tapet is not too familiar with vegetarian differences, most restaurants have to ask not to add meat, chicken, egg, cow milk, seafood, oyster and fish sauce. Useful dictionary Look in the article about Vegetarian dishes in Thailand.

Magic word for lactate feet in any restaurant Thai cuisine is the term "Mangsavirat". Then you will be offered an extent without meat animals, birds, seafood and other things, but with an egg or milk.

Carefully treat Thai seasonings standing on the table: Fish or oyster sauce may be in an unknown bottle. And, perhaps, for someone, I will reveal a big secret, but the oyster sauce is made from oysters, and not from oyster mushrooms, as some vegetarians think.

On Ranong Street near the Chinese Temple Jui Tui every year, a large market of vegetarian food and Chinese souvenirs unfolds every year. Vegetarian soups are boiled in restaurants and vegetarian salads are prepared.

In a vegetarian cafe, there are volumes with mushrooms, spring roles with a glass noodles, fried tofu in Curry Massan, Pad Thai with vegetables, fried rice with pineapple, vegetables and bananas in a grain.

Where to eat a vegetarian market of Phuket during the vegetarian festival Guide to Phuket

In stylized shops sell vegetarian sweets: pancakes with corn, sticky rice with coconut milk in bamboo, fragrant pyshki, potato balls, mini pancakes with banana, rice casins, baked chestnuts, mango pieces with sticky rice and other delicacies.

In the interruptions between gastronomic delights, you can choose a suit for the next days of the festival: white T-shirts, blouses, tunics and pants.

If you are far from Phuket Town and Marketing Vegetarian Food, go to any restaurant where yellow flags hang. During the vegetarian festival, much where you can eat on Phuket.

Yellow flags with the inscription "Ja" are one of the symbols of the festival of vegetarians.

In addition to the festival of vegetarians, which takes only once a year, vegetarian dishes are served in many restaurants. First of all, it is necessary to celebrate Indian restaurants, where, of course, there are vegetarian dishes. Even there are special vegetarian restaurants. Watch the video with the Vegetarian Fair, read the list of vegan restaurants in a separate article.

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