Where to drink and eat in the Czech Republic

You can find out the country in different ways: to walk on museums, visit theaters, cultural and other events, communicate with local residents, watch movies and programs, just wander around the city streets. Or try her taste. And maybe such an acquaintance will be no less exciting and interesting.

Departing for the first time in the Czech Republic, I tried to prepare for traveling. Read tips of experienced tourists: what to see where to go where to call. What to try – too was in my list. Now I will talk about my own impressions.

Where to taste national cuisine

Snack on the go, on herbal lawns, park benches, parapets of embankments in the Czech Republic is considered indecent. It’s not you Paris, where they eat even in the metro car. In Prague, a huge number of institutions where you delicious and cheap will feed: brewery, Harchevni, Corchma, all sorts of cafes and restaurants for every taste and wallet.

Back in the direction of the author’s cuisine and expensive restaurants, and visit ordinary, traditional Czech establishments, where a simple tourist can satisfy his hunger and curiosity.

If you are traveling by a group, tour operators are usually offered tasting programs with accompanying thematic entertainment:

– Excursions for brewing industries with dinner;

– Evening meals with knight tournaments, fiery shows and exotic dances;

– Abundant lunches on river walks in Vltav.

It is very interesting and informative, but, unfortunately, it has little in common with culinary traditions of Chekhov. Like these feast, except that abundance and satisfaction of the treats.

Therefore, the first advice: We are looking for places that are visited by the Czechs.

For this you do not need to deviate too far from tourist routes. A little to the side, a little ahead, behind one door is different, down the steps, and you are already sitting in a cozy bolt with a real Czech cuisine.

So we opened a cafe near the dancing house. It has several conjugate halls with tables for large and small companies. In one sat, a bunch of constantly somewhere outgoing, incoming informal teenage young people with multi-colored hairstyles, and in thed one there was just a song! – A group of challenges of men-Chekhov, which regularly brought huge trays with beer glasses. We realized that they got where it was necessary. The menu in Czech is clear enough if at least a little familiar with the Latin. Weprevo Knee, it’s in Africa Weprevo Knee. His ordered.

What features from Czech cuisine

Czech cuisine is characterized by simplicity and satisfaction. There is a lot of meat, potatoes, pickled vegetables, all this is abundantly drinking beer. If you ordered your knee in the present Czech cafe, you can be sure that the portion will be big. On our question, he is rich in the waiter about whether it is enough for two, he skeptically shrugged and replied that he would not have enough. To the knee without any order, bread, pickled cucumbers, cabbage, tiny tomatoes, and on the table there will be all sorts of stomach sauces and spices.

We expected a hefty piece of legs with a sticking bone and were very surprised, seeing a juicy flesh on a wooden dish without any skins, cut into thick plates. If you are on a diet, it’s not exactly for you. Hot, fat and without beer do not eat a lot. But we ate. With beer. With different – cold, white, dark, and the first glass left the volley. Beer is not very strong, but very wonderful. Our enthusiastic tasting was often interrupted by a loud choir of men’s votes: "On Zoodle!"And the voyage chokan of beer mugs. Dessert We postponed to future times.

Council Second: Calculate your strength, order dishes in stages, and not immediately.

What is most impressed

Czech dishes continued the entire ride period. These were delicacies: lubricated pitching, baked river trout, crispy grilled sausages, and food simpler: soups, pussy, sausages. Very impressed not so much taste how much spectacular view of meat goulash bread. Worried fate empty "plates", what to do with it – there is or not? It turned out that you can not do. It is still very interesting to lubricate soft cheese, it is fried in breadcrumbs, and he looks like a chop. Drawing molten cheese mass – just arrangement, taste unforgettable!

It is important to note that the food in the Czech Republic is inexpensive. Lunch from salad, goulash and beer costs 20 euros on two Madame. Men may be more expensive, it all depends on the appetite.

Where to drink and eat in the Czech Republic

Almost forgot about desserts! The most important thing is: Prague cakes in Prague, you can not look! And there are all sorts of:

– rudely with fruit, almond, cinnamon, powdered sugar, feed with cream sauce or ice cream ball;

– Sweet dumplings from mankey or cottage cheese with jams or jam;

– Drug dumplings from potato dough;

– Calachs with cheese or berries;

– pancakes with marmalade;

– honey and curd cakes;

– And, of course, hot fittings and waffles.

Council Third: Try all!

And about drinks. Drink a lot in the Czech Republic and often: tea, coffee, mineral water and beer. In addition to Czech beer, there are other national alcoholic beverages – herbal tinctures, fruit brandy, absinthe. But drinks – a completely separate topic.

Where to drink and eat in the Czech Republic

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