Where to donate luggage if you have registered for the online flight?

This is one of the most popular questions from those who registered on the flight via the Internet or in self-service kiosk (Check-in Kiosk). In many ways, the answer to this question depends on the airport. What he is larger, the longer the moment is automated and simplified.

The following options are distributed:

Automatic baggage reception (Self-Service Baggage Drop-OFF)

Some airports have special cars for automatic baggage reception.

Use them is quite simple. Put the suitcase on the tape of the machine, bring to the reader to bring your boarding pass (or a mobile phone with a bar code on the screen), on the monitor will appear your flight data, do not forget to check them and, if everything is true, the machine will give you a luggage tag that needs to be pasted on the handle of the suitcase. The machine will check whether the tag is correctly located, and is it possible to consider information from it.

In the case of a pass, you can pay for it on the spot in the same machine using a bank card. More information about the transfer of baggage, you can read in our article.

In the Self-Tag kiosk

They also look like the usual kiosks to register for flight, the difference is only that it is not a boarding pass, but a luggage tag. It must be glued to the handle of the suitcase and attribute luggage on the Drop-OFF rack.

Where to donate luggage if you have registered for the online flight

On the Drop-OFF rack

They are designed to pass the luggage of passengers who registered for the flight independently.

If the airport is equipped with kiosks for printing luggage tags, then simply put your suitcase on the tape. If there are no kiosks, then the drop-off rack will be a person who will printed it and stick to the suitcase. At some airports, Dropoffs looks like an ordinary reception on the flight. However, without a scoreboard with the name of the airline.

And what if there are no drop-off racks at the airport ?

If you have registered for the flight via the Internet, there are no drop-off racks, then you will have to donate baggage on the usual front desk. In most cases, you can pass the baggage out of turn or in line with other passengers, which also registered online.

Where to donate luggage if you have registered for the online flight

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