Where to buy the cheapest flights

Find cheap tickets – One of the most relevant topics in RuNet for many our tourists going on a journey and just for people who need to fly somewhere in the near future for various reasons…

Perhaps, one of the most unprofitable purchase options are now obsolete offline aircraft, where you are with you in addition to the cost of air tickets, you will also take another registration commission. Does it make sense to overpay an intermediary for this «bear service», If you still get an electronic ticket to your hands, that is, exactly the same as during self-purchase via the Internet.

That is the most logical answer to the question «Where to buy the cheapest flights?» – in the Internet. Move on…

On the Internet there are several purchase options for tickets. First – directly On the airline website, that in principle is quite simple and convenient. Mainly dignity – You buy it directly, without intermediaries, which is also important in our time, take into account the sad experience of customers of some loudly broken online airline ticket agencies. Lack of this option, – You need to know which airlines fly at the right direction, then enter the site of each of them, study prices, analyze where it is cheaper, in general, you need time….

Where to buy the cheapest flights

Second option – Buying a ticket On the site of one of the online agencies For the sale of tickets, for example, via OneTwotrip or Ozontravel. If you have already bought a ticket through a similar service, trust him, then this is a pretty convenient option, since the prices of various airlines tickets can be found here immediately in one place, as well as such services provide additional discounts to regular customers. Plus, an additional discount for the cost of the ticket of this agency can be found on the network, just work in Yandex type request «OneTwotrip Promocode» and discount coupon in your pocket! Cons of this options – different online agencies have different prices for the same flights, that is, if you want to buy the cheapest air ticket, you need to spend time in search of agency.

Third option. And then we come to the rescue Metapoiskoviki air tickets, They are not small now, for example, on our site it is located in the Flights . That is, such services are looking for flights directly in various booking and online aircraft systems, and, of course, on airline sites, and tell us about the cheapest options for tickets. At the same time, they do not sell tickets, but only help us find.

We ourselves make a decision, where in the end you buy the cheapest flights, on which site, – Airlines directly or through an online agency.

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