Where to buy products in Paris

Paris is one of those European capitals, where at any time of the day you hardly have any problems with buying food. Paris, unlike the same vein, a very comfortable city for tourists. I suggest you List of places where it is better to buy certain products , If you are not going to eat exclusively in restaurants, but you want to cook yourself sometimes.


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Supermarkets in Paris

From the well-known supermarket networks in Paris, these brands are:

  • Monoprix
  • Auchan
  • Carrefour
  • Franprix
  • Lidl

Network Carrefour and Monoprix meet in the center of Paris.

Hypermarkets Auchan Located in the suburbs and on the outskirts of Paris, so tourists are inconvenient to ride there.

The most convenient Ashan location is located in the shopping center near the metro station Gare De La Défense (from the subway there is a way out right in the shopping center).

The price policy of this network in France differs from Russia.

In France, Auchans are not the most budget chain of stores.

Monoprix &# 8212; even more expensive, But in these stores a large assortment and good quality products. In addition, they are conveniently located.

Here are some useful links for which it will be convenient to find a supermarket, the closest to your place of residence in Paris:

  • Nearest carfur (on the map): http: // www.tiendeo.FR / PARIS / CARTE / SUPERMARCHES ,
  • Nearest monopa: www.Monoprix.FR / TROUVER-NOS-MAGASINS
Where to buy products in Paris

Paris markets

The most colorful places of Paris.

It is certainly worth visiting one of the local markets, at least in order to buy there several types of cheese, spices, seafood, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Open markets in France are called Marché .

Basically, such markets work several days a week and only in the morning.

Small list of Paris grocery markets:

  • ENFANTS ROUGES – It is said that this is the oldest market of the city (works from 1615 g). You can buy here almost everything – from homemade wine, fresh vegetables and cheese to oysters and other seafood. Located in the quarters of Mare . Nearest Metro station &# 8212; Temple or Filles du Calvaire .
  • MARCHE D’Aligre – located in the 12th district . Very famous market, it consists of indoor and open parts. In addition to traditional products here you can buy different spices and products from Africa and the Middle East. The market is open every day, except for the bottom. Nearest Metro station &# 8212; Ledru-Rollin .
  • Marche Des Batignolles – the market of organic products. There are special sections with ready-made vegetarian dishes. Immediate Metro Station – Rome or Place de Clichy .
  • MARCHE CONVENTION – Excellent fish market, on which you can also buy fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and a variety of spices and seasonings. Opened on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in the morning. Nearest Metro Station – Convention .
  • Rue Montorgueil – not exactly the market, but rather a pedestrian and gastronomic street with benches, trading in different products and street bistro. Located near the quarter Les Halles in the 2nd district.

Where to buy cheese in Paris

In cheese shops. They are called them here FROMAERIE .

In cheese bears, the richest range of cheeses, and experienced sellers who can help with the choice if you are confrontation from its diversity. Here and goat cheeses, and soft cheeses with mold, and solid fragrant varieties.

To learn more about French cheese, go to this tour:

There are several network cheese shops in Paris. One of the oldest and famous &# 8212; Androuet (There are points in the center of Paris, near famous sights).

Here you can see the locations of the shops: http: // Androuet.COM (menu in our).

Laurent Dubois – There are 3 cheese shops in Paris.

They sell unique varieties of cheese that are not found in other stores. For example, cheeses with the addition of wine or hay, or cheese desserts – with apples, painted in Calvados.

Cheese boutique Marie Anne Cantin – Here they go for an unusual grade of cheese called Truffé de la Marne (Truffle cheese). Cheese tastings are often arranged here.

Where to buy wines and delicacy products

Paris has specialized wine stores.

For example, very good Nicolas Network , Where they sell both expensive wines and cognacs, and completely budget brands of table wines – worth less than € 10. Walking in the center of Paris, you will definitely stumble upon one of these stores with a signboard in burgundy and yellow colors.

On the top floor Galeries Lafayette Sold Various french delicacies – foie gras, truffle oil and other delights.

There are quite expensive prices, but in this place you can buy souvenirs as a gift and loved ones (the same jars with foie gras, expensive varieties of cheese and other delicacies).

Where to buy products in Paris
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