Where to buy insurance for leaving abroad?

Tour operators usually make up the cheapest insurance for their customers, which will not cover the costs when an accident occurs. Tourists consider insurance “divorce” And, organizing rest on their own, make it only when it is necessary to obtain a visa. However, during the trip there is always a risk of getting sick, poison or get injured, and the appeal to the local clinic will cost a large amount. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself in advance and make a medical insurance policy, using one of the Internet resources.

Choosing an insurance company, pay attention to what company is a assistance – the service to which the insured event needs to appeal. Assistance organizes emergency departure, will find a hospital and solve all other questions. Assistance phone number is indicated in the medical policy. The best assistance are considered Allianz Global Assistance, Axa Assistance and Euro-Center Holding. Registration of medical insurance With the help of insurance aggregators will allow you to choose and suitable conditions, and assistance.

Also examine the rules for payment of compensation from different companies. Remember that injuries obtained as a result of exhibitors or alcoholic intoxication are not an insured event if you have not selected additional options when making the policy.


This aggregator is the largest and most popular. Going to the site, select the country of travel, dates of stay and number of travelers. The program will then offer all the available suggestions of insurance companies, ranging from the cheapest and ending in the most expensive. The cost is for the basic policy. To fully protect yourself while traveling, turn on additional options in the policy depending on what format you are going to travel. You can also additionally insure the flight in the event of a flight delay, luggage, documents, etc. D. If you are traveling on a personal car or make a working visa, check the corresponding cage. The lack of an aggregator is that the best assistants do not cooperate with him.


The principle of choosing an insurance company on this service is the same as on Cherehapa. Insurance companies are displayed with a rating. The aggregator is particularly convenient for those who are engaged in professional sports or prefers active leisure: one or more sports in insurance can be included in insurance. On Compare.RU presented insurance policies of different price categories. The cost depends on the assistance and from the options that are included in the basic policy. If you open the details of any policy, you can find out the amount of insurance amounts of individual risks.

Those who are afraid to make medical insurance on aggregators sites, it is best to use insurance service.RU. It differs from its competitors to the fact that he rechaces the sites of insurance companies, where the execution of policies occurs. And the best insurance companies for travelers – TripInsurance and Tinkoff-Insurance.

Where to buy insurance for leaving abroad


This insurance company positions itself as the most reliable for experienced travelers. Assistance company – Allianz Global Assistance, the largest in Europe. TRIPINSURCE insurance policy reviews – the best: customers celebrate the operational work of the Assistance and the highest level of medical care. All expenses insurance company takes.

This company has a significant drawback: when executing the policy, you can choose only one of the four tariffs. Separate selection of additional options is not provided.


Many travelers have already moved to Tinkoff Bank maps due to a profitable mile program. No less profitable and tourist insurance online from Tinkoff. In addition to standard costs for medical services, the company fully reimburses costs for emergency dentistry – other companies are usually a fixed amount within $ 200-300. If you have to pay medical care yourself, it will be enough to send photos of accounts and documents by email to obtain compensation. In addition, if an accident occurred on the last day of insurance, the company will pay treatment and stay in the hospital before recovery. Tinkoff insurance will pay back home after discharge, if you choose this option in advance.

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